Uzi Jane is proud to announce his retirement on personal social media., June 3, at noon on the 3rd, Jane Proud (Game ID: Uzi), a well-known RNG e-sports club, announced his retirement on personal social media. He said that due to years of stress, obesity, irregular diet, and staying up late, he was found to have type 2 diabetes last year, leading to physical conditions that have prevented him from continuing to play.

The full text of the retirement announcement published by Jane Pride is as follows:

  Hello everyone, I am Uzi. I regret to tell everyone that I am proud to decide to retire.

  Because of the stress and obesity diet that stays up late all the year round, I found out type 2 diabetes during the physical examination last year. The glycated hemoglobin index has reached 11%, and the normal should be less than or equal to 6.5%. In the past six months, I have slowly changed my work schedule to control my diet, exercise, and take medicine, but the situation has not changed, and because my mental state is not as good as before, the doctor also said that if I continue to get serious, the complications will soon It will appear, plus my original hand injury is more serious, my physical condition does not allow me to continue fighting.

  Thanks to my fans for their support and companionship for me all these years. Thank you for cheering me on silently and encouraging me to become my strongest backing in these years. Thank you very much.

  Thanks to my family and Tingting for their support, understanding and care over the years. Thank you for your tolerance and dedication to me.

  Finally, thanks to @RNG电子竞俱乐部, thank you for your care and help, I am lucky to be a member of rng. Although I have retired, I am still part of rng and will walk with rng in the future.

  It's over here, thank you all.

  2012-2020, goodbye my youth.

Jane Pride (third from left) and his teammates stood on the Asian Games podium. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

  Jane proudly led the team to win the 2018 LPL Spring Championship and the 2018 MSI championship. At the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Jane proudly also represented the Chinese team to win the champion of the League of Legends e-sports exhibition game.

  Subsequently, his RNG club also issued an announcement called "Thank U, Only Pride", confirming Uzi's retirement and thanking the latter.

The RNG Club issued a letter of thanks. Image source: RNG Club official Weibo

The full text of "Thank U, Only Pride" announcement is as follows:

  From now on, LPL006 player RNG-Uzi (Jian proud) officially retired.

  He is an indispensable core soul of the team in the competition field, and is an e-sports athlete who leads the team in the Asian Games to win glory for the country. He is a hardworking young man who upholds the spirit of never giving up his spirit and working hard. The forgotten sharp crossbow.

  Due to injuries caused by 8 years of intensive professional training and long-term accumulation of events, under the advice of a professional physiotherapist, the puppy will be recuperated at home during the 2020 spring race. Always maintain close communication and contact, hoping to continue to fight together, but under the balance of personal health, in the end the club chose to understand and respect the player's personal wishes, and continue to escort him in the future.

  After retiring, Jane proud is still a vital family member in the RNG family. In addition to doing his best to provide him with career assistance in the future, the club will also fully assist the puppy in the long-term targeted treatment of injuries and heartfelt heartfelt Hope he can recover his health as soon as possible.

  In 2012, he made his debut on the professional arena, writing his own legendary road under the name Uzi. In 2020, he finally chose to end his career. In the name of Jane Pride, he started the next new life journey.

  Starting from the royal family and ending at the RNG, there is a difference in the field, and the journey is still to be continued.

  Thank you for being with us throughout our youth, the way forward, we are willing to continue to accompany you to ride the wind and waves and move forward bravely.

  Whenever you are, we are always proud in our hearts.

Comment screenshot.

  After Uzi announced his retirement, his former teammates and opponents sent their best wishes.

  In the retirement announcement, Uzi mentioned that his hand injury was severe and he also had type 2 diabetes, which made many netizens lament that e-sports is also a business that will cause pressure on the body.

  More, of course, is reluctant and lamented. For many people, Uzi retired and his youth ended with it. (Finish)