Fencing planned a national tournament due to high school discontinuation 16:56 on June 3 in Hakone in September

Following the suspension of the high school nationwide due to the effect of the new coronavirus, Fencing plans to hold a national competition for high school students, led by former Olympic representatives.

Koji Emura, who was the representative of Japan in fencing at the Seoul Olympics, set up an executive committee, which will collect funds on the Internet from the 3rd, and plan to hold the competition using crowdfunding. I am.

The tournament is named "High School Japan Cup 2020" and is scheduled for September 25-27 in Hakone, Kanagawa.

It is aimed at high school students nationwide, and all third-year students can participate if they wish, and we expect 300 to 500 people to participate in three days.

According to the Organizing Committee, it is premised that the event will not be held by the government or the local government, but also if there is no request for refraining from moving between prefectures. We are also considering postponing to November or December.

Also, in addition to obliging athletes and related parties to take a temperature measurement when entering the venue, we will take measures to prevent infection by reducing the number of personnel by making it possible to submit the record of the match online instead of handing it. .

The executive committee of the tournament said, "In addition to the conventional infection control, we are preparing to reduce the risk of infection by using information and communication technology. We want to make the tournament memorable for high school students."