Increasingly, Spanish athletes are encouraged to give their political opinions on social networks. Despite the fact that many of them are still afraid to show them due to the repercussion they can have, some like the soccer player Pepe Reina or the athlete Roberto Sotomayor no longer hide.

The goalkeeper has been very critical of the management of the pandemic made by the Government , labeling her as " shame" and "ridiculous" in late March, and supporting the rally car that encouraged VOX last day May 23: "It seems that little people have gone out to the street, right? #Unidossomosmasfuertes".

This Tuesday, on the occasion of the mobilizations for the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in the United States, Reina published a photo of two intertwined hands, and wrote " racism is also a pandemic . #Stopracism."

This tweet led to Sotomayor's response, very critical, in his case, of opposition to the Government. " Either you are joking, or you laugh at us, " he said to Reina.

Criticisms during the pandemic

Since the beginning of the confinement, several athletes, active and retired, have shown on social networks their disenchantment with the work of the Government. These have been the cases of Feliciano López, Fernando Verdasco or Alfonso Reyes. "Heartless rats", wrote Feliciano, without specifying the people to whom the expression was addressed. And "what little shame you have", he added days later.

"I do not believe what my eyes see," Verdasco published, while sharing a video from Vox about statements by Fernando Simón.

A few weeks ago, Fernando Alonso also referred to the management of the crisis during a series of responses that he made on his Instagram account. "I am stunned, that we will react as the health emergency evolves (it will be different in Spain). That people with symptoms avoid going out on the street ... The others to the park? To the bars? ... What each autonomous community decides ... Do not steal your fingers or wanting), he declared.

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