The English Premier League is only two weeks away from the initial date for the resumption of its matches after being suspended since last March due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, but many details still need to be agreed before the first game on June 17.
The clubs are scheduled to hold a new meeting tomorrow, Thursday, which will be the latest in a series of meetings held during the last period, during which it worked to draw the broad lines of the "appeal plan" behind closed doors.
Here is a presentation of the most prominent things expected to be on the research table today:

What happens to the championship in the event of a new pause?

When announcing the date of the appeal, the League linked the achievement of this to the full health conditions. Even if the return proceeds as planned, the clubs find themselves in the need to prepare an alternative scenario, in the event that "Coffed-19" forces the cessation of competitions again.
While the coronation of Liverpool seems almost inevitable in any case, due to the big difference between him and the second-place Manchester City (25 points with nine stages remaining at the end, note that City has a game postponed), the clubs that occupy the late positions in the arrangement are paid. In order to cancel the system of landing to the first degree in the event of a suspension of the season.
But proceeding with such a procedure may be excluded, especially given the insistence of the English FA and the English Premier League ("EFL", which oversees the lower three grades after the Premier League) to keep the system of upgrading and landing in place as usual.
The points score according to the matches is likely to be the system in place to settle the final arrangement in the event of a complete pause, which is one of the reasons that prompted the League to launch the return with two postponed matches on Wednesday 17 June, provided that the first full stage starts at the end of the same week, and begins it Teams of equal position in terms of number of matches.

Where is the detailed fixtures?

After the two postponed matches (Manchester City-Arsenal and Aston Villa-Sheffield United) will be held for all twenty teams in the Premier League, nine games to run until the end of the season.
The League has not yet determined the detailed schedule of the other matches, but it is expected that its path will remain based on the program that was set before the competition stopped, and the endeavor to finish the remaining 92 matches before August 1, the cup final deadline.

What about substitutions and formations?

Many coaches are concerned about the physical condition of their players, especially after the long stoppage of competitive matches, the expected intensity in the meetings after the return, and the Guardian newspaper indicated that some teams may play three games in a period of only seven days), and provide a limited time period For teams to fully engage in group exercises.
The English Premier League authorities will consider the decision of the International Federation for the game (FIFA) and the International Federation Council ("IFAP"), allowing tournaments and competitions to increase the number of permissible exchanges during the match from three to five, which began to be applied in Germany, which was the first major tournament in Europe to resume Its rival, on May 16.
FIFA left the organizers of the tournaments free to adopt this amendment or not, knowing that its aim was to seek to avoid injury to players and to protect them physically.
To that, reports indicated that Chelsea asked to increase the number of reserves, who are allowed to be on the bench during the match, from seven to nine.
But some critics have argued that increasing the number of substitutions or substitute players would be in the interest of the large clubs with a wealth of formation.

Will the matches be played on neutral courts?

Clubs are locked in a struggle to avoid having to play matches on neutral stadiums, and it appears they will get what they want, or at least a significant rate.
Police departments are standing behind the request to approve the neutral stadiums, especially for organizational reasons, for fear that fans will gather outside the stadiums of their teams on the sidelines of the matches.
While this issue has not been officially resolved, it is expected that "a small number" of matches will be played on neutral stadiums, possibly including matches for Liverpool, during which the Red Team may win the England championship, which has been waiting for 30 years.
The German coach Jurgen Klopp considered that his team's crowning of the league title would be exceptional, if not perfect, if the fans missed him.
He expressed his desire that the title be decided "on Anfield, but we do not know, and this is not important. The majority of people on this planet did not have a chance in their lives to be champions of the Premier League, and for us this opportunity exists. So we will accept it."
"There will be a moment in our life where we will have time and opportunity, and we will be allowed to celebrate together again."

Does video technology continue?

FIFA also allowed an increase in the number of substitutions, allowing the championships to give up after returning from the use of video assistance technology in the "AR" arbitration.
And the technology, nearly two years after its introduction on a global scale (as of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM), continues to cause controversy wherever it occurs.
But League League CEO Richard Masters has indicated a desire to keep it in the next games, although it poses additional challenges in terms of social divergence rules.

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