Video screenshot.

  China News Service, June 2nd, Beijing time, June 2nd, the Premier League Liverpool official social media posted a video showing the Liverpool team players forming a circle before training, kneeling on one knee to express them Supportive attitude in the black movement. Soon after, NBA star James reposted the video and wrote: "You will never walk alone."

  A few years ago, NFL athletes knelt on their knees when they played the American national anthem before the game to protest against the social phenomena of racial discrimination and police abuse of violence. Since then, this action has repeatedly appeared in demonstrations against racial discrimination.

Screenshot of James social media.

  It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time James has spoken for the victims. Previously, he updated social media many times, and wrote: "Why can't the United States love us too? #Anger head to stay strong # We can only rely on ourselves"; "They are afraid of something they don't understand/ hate what they can't conquer Things.";"If you are not with us, we will not be with you!"......

  In addition to James, Curry, Kobe’s widow, Vanessa, and others also stood up to speak out for blacks killed by violent law enforcement by white American police, protesting racial discrimination. (Finish)