The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Wehda Club for Sports Games, Obaid Moftah, revealed that the club’s board of directors is in the process of holding a consultative meeting, next week, with the coaches of the team’s men's sports teams in the club, aiming to study dispensing the services of foreign professionals in basketball, volleyball and hand teams for one season. (2020-2021), which Moftah described as an exceptional and difficult season for Emirati sports.

Miftah told Emirates Today that “the features of the (2020-2021) season are still relatively vague, in light of the health conditions and the precautionary measures that the country is witnessing in the current period, in addition to the fact that the teams of the men in the hand, the plane and the basket are not very competitive for the titles Its competitions, compared to a greater focus by the club’s management, on the teams of the Sunni stages of Annabi, who compete and achieve titles.

He explained: «The dates and tournaments of the next season are still subject to the prevailing health conditions, especially since there are no final assurances so far from the federations of these games, especially in the basket, to complete the remainder of the current season’s league, despite the fact that the federation raised its proposed dates to government agencies and stakeholders And the green light awaits those entities in the ability or not to complete the final rounds and announce the champions of the current season.

He continued: «The consultative meeting with the male trainers will provide the Board of Directors with a clear technical picture of any group games in the unit in which they need to stay in the foreign professional, or those that can be dispensed for one season, taking into account all matters related to financial costs and difficulties Finding the right professionals for these games, especially since reducing the expenses in these games can be in the interest of focusing on the rest of the age group teams competing for the local championships.

On the extent to which the management of Al Wahda Club Company for Collective Games took the directions currently proposed by Dubai clubs to cancel the foreign professional in all games, Obaid said: “Every club has the right to search for the most appropriate options according to its interests and budgets available to us, but we in the management of the unit have different strategies For those in other clubs, they focus on finding contracts with foreign professionals at low prices, and achieve the desired benefit from such contracts in the development of our national players. Technical matters are what we focus primarily on, in a way that guarantees them continuity in the development of our games ».

He concluded: «Regardless of what the clubs require, or what will happen in the consultative meeting with the coaches of the unit teams, who will focus exclusively on the technical aspects, except that keeping foreign professionals or not in the team games is in the hands of the general assemblies of the hand, plane and basketball federations, which previously And through the clubs ’voting, it took its decisions to return the foreign professionals to the local competitions, so that the option remains available to the clubs individually and voluntarily, whether those aiming to reduce budgets or have other technical aspects, to take the boards of directors of their collective games, the decision not to use foreign players in their teams, from Without affecting its decision on the freedom of the other clubs that are based on the decisions of the general assemblies, the extent of their technical need to support the hand, basket and plane teams with foreign professionals ».

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