Contact play in rugby practice is prohibited for the time being New countermeasures against corona May 31 21:47

The Japan Rugby Association has prepared guidelines that summarize infection prevention measures such as prohibiting contact play in practice for the time being to resume activities that have been suspended due to the new coronavirus.

This was announced by the Japan Rugby Association on the 31st, and it is assumed that each team will follow the policy of the administration where each team is based when resuming activities.

In addition, practice recommends a minimum spacing of 2 meters and avoid greetings and handshakes.

In addition, it is instructed to increase strength by taking steps such as physical training and running by individuals in five stages, and contact play such as tackle is prohibited for the time being.

On the other hand, if all restrictions of the government and local governments on the reopening of the tournament are not lifted, it is necessary to consider holding scheduled high school rugby and university championships in unspectated games.

In addition, the test match in which the Japanese national team competes against an overseas team is subject to the fact that there is no movement restriction in both countries or regions, and that there is a sufficient practice period without isolation after the movement. .