We hear about the many contracts in our league, as if they were season deals at high prices, some of which did not officially end, and did not go out of the frame of negotiations, for example the sale of Al Wasl player Fabio de Lima, and the many offers he received recently, and according to my own sources, Lima continues with the emperor Al-Waslawi, despite his desire to transfer to a team that guarantees him the achievement of titles continuously, and in the same context, the victory administration concluded a wonderful deal, by contracting with Tigali, who is one of the most dangerous strikers in our league, and a win for Brigadier Al-Nasrawi, and frankly some names have become "brand" for our league, including the Sharjah player Igor, as we are used to watching them in the UAE league, in general I think that we are facing several surprises, resounding deals, and the next will be stronger according to recent indicators, although the leagues have stopped due to the Corona virus, but the club administrations are keen on a new return with the presence of new players, they may constitute a new addition For the Emirati League.

If Al Ain team contracts with Fabio de Lima, it will be the season deal, which means that Lima will return to play with his coach, Caio, and Lima knows that it is difficult to obtain a championship with the Emperor Al-Waslawi, and that his going to Al Ain Club will be his start with tournaments and titles, according to his previous statement He wants to win a championship, whether with Al Wasl or others, and of course he is entitled to it because it is an addition to any team, which is an important element in the UAE league, and he is good at making goals and scoring.

The Emirates club Al-Nasr always surprises us with deals, and the beautiful administrative work continues to give it, but Al-Nasr wants the league championship, especially after many years away from winning the league title, and the question that imposes itself: When does Dean Al-Nasrawi achieve the league championship? Especially after the big financial exchange and everyone knows that Al-Nasr club pays a lot of millions, especially in the past years, and it has a large budget under the service of the club's management.

I like the low-profile media management, which does not exaggerate any statement, and works silently and calmly, and contracts with players to fill a gap in the team only, its goal of competition and the appropriate use of the budget, and away from debt and the accumulation of players unlike some departments that spend millions on players who always sit on seats The replacements, their presence and nothingness are one.

I would have liked to see the Saudi French Crescent player Gomez in the UAE league, but the management of Al Hilal headed by the distinguished and successful Fahd bin Navel renewed with him for the fourth seasons until 2022, which is an important and effective gain for Al Hilal, which is an essential element for the leader, and everyone knows the value of this great French player who starred in the league The Turkish, and now presents his credentials as one of the best players who passed through the Saudi Al Hilal team from my point of view .. I always repeat that some players are a registered trademark for their teams, even if the player gets older then he remains an icon in his team, such as Al Hilal player Mohamed Al Shalhoub.

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I like the low-profile management, which does not exaggerate any statement and works silently and calmly.

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