The football studio is broadcast on Monday nights and is led by André Pops, who has programmed a large number of major football championships but never a program focused on the Swedish.

- Finally! We are many who have longed for the Swedish start and being able to give our viewers a whole new magazine about a football league that contains so much commitment feels really inspiring. The football studio will provide sharp analyzes, strong opinions and joy. Viewers should be able to feel that we share their passion for football, says Pops.

New acquisitions in the studio

The studio also has SVT's football expert Daniel Nannskog and a new acquisition: football columnist Therese Strömberg.

- Just that all Swedes can start at all is a joy message in itself. And getting to work on it this way, which is new to me who has written most of the league before, is a lot of fun, says Strömberg.

"Turned overhead"

The program will feature the highlights of the game's matches, interviews with the hottest players and analyzes and comments from the studio experts.

- Extremely gratifying that we are getting a football magazine back in SVT where we get plenty of time to put the claws in the Swedes. I am extremely lit, turned upside down. I hope we can handle the snack ice cream in the best way, and give the viewers good analyzes and angles you may not have thought of, says Daniel Nannskog.

SVT has the magazine rights to allsvenskan for the next three seasons. The first episode of the Football Studio will be broadcast at 21.45 in SVT2 and SVT Play on Monday 15 June.