Social media screenshot, May 29, Beijing time, the Premier League issued a message on its social media, announcing its decision to agree to the Premier League's tentative restart on June 17, provided that all safety requirements are in place.

  The two games due to the postponement of the League Cup final were first played on June 17, against Aston Villa and Sheffield United, Manchester City and Arsenal. On June 19, the Premier League kicked off a full round of competition. Due to the epidemic situation, all games will be closed

  Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: "Today, we temporarily agree to resume the Premier League on Wednesday, June 17. But we ca n’t determine the date until we meet all the necessary safety requirements because all the participants The health and well-being of fans and fans is our top priority. "

  "As we continue to resume the 2019-20 season, we will continue to work gradually and consult with all stakeholders."

  Due to the epidemic of the new crown, the Premier League season has been shut down since March 13, and the 4: 0 Vera game in Leicester City on March 9 is the last game before the shutdown. (Finish)