client Beijing, May 29 (Xing Rui) Recently, sports events in some countries have put the rematch on the agenda. Under such circumstances, many teams have begun to resume training. After this "long holiday", when the players returned to the training ground again, the fans were surprised to find that those handsome and handsome sportsmen did not escape the "curse" of becoming fat and bald.

  A few days ago, the Premier League club Liverpool posted photos of the players training. Among them, their headline star Ma Nei's hairline caused everyone to watch.

Mane's hairline keeps moving back. Screenshot of foreign media reports.

  Judging from the photos, this player with a friendly smile is indeed Mane himself. However, during the epidemic, others had long hair and Mane had a “long forehead”. His hairline almost moved to the back of his head, which is very complementary to Darrow's "Afu head". No wonder some fans sighed: "Daro stole Mane's hair."

  Some fans can't stand it anymore, and they manually "plant hair" for Mane online. I have to say that Mane with his hair looked more energetic.

Netizens "plant hair" for Mane.

  This "bald" trouble not only haunts Mane, but Arsenal player Aubameyang's mind is also growing. Although the condition of the hairline is not optimistic, Aubameyang's original hair has grown a lot. In response, Obameyan responded: "Nowhere to cut hair."

Aubameyang's elegant hairstyle. Screenshot of foreign media reports.

  Indeed, during the epidemic, "Tony teachers" were closed and closed. Many players can only let their hair grow wantonly. Some bald athletes had no choice but to store their hair.

  In the training photos of Chelsea star Plisic, netizens were surprised to find that Kanter, who has always shown his bald head, had even kept his hair. Since landing in the Premier League in 2015, fans have only seen the French look bald. Now that he has hair, his teammates can't even believe his eyes.

Screenshot of Pulicic social media. (Kante is first from left)

  Inter star Ashley Young also developed a thick hair during the outbreak. From the photos published by foreign media, we can see that "Professor Yang" is wearing black curly hair, and the stubble at the corner of the mouth is too late to clean up. This image is almost the same as before.

  A few months ago, Ashley Young was a big bald head. I have to say that his hair really grows fast. Compared with Maneichi, it is really "drought death due to drought, flood death due to flood".

Ashley Young held her hair. Screenshot of foreign media reports.

  In addition to the "bad sight" of some players' hairstyles, the body shape of other players is also getting richer. Especially in the basketball world, some athletes simply "fat into a ball."

  During the epidemic, NBA star Dong Qiqi produced a photo of his dog. In the photo, Dong Qiqi had a mustache, but still could not cover his round face. Although wearing loose clothes, compared with the "small fresh meat" four or five years ago, Dong Qiqi still got a lot of blessings.

Screenshot of Dongqiqi social media.

  Also gaining weight is Zion Williams, the champion of the Pelicans. Zion's body is inherently strong, and due to the inability to train normally during the outbreak. When he appeared again in the eyes of the fans, netizens confessed to him: "This big face plate seems to be 50 pounds fat."

Zion Online was interviewed.

  However, in an interview with foreign media, "Fat Tiger" said that in order to maintain his figure, he has been exercising. But it seems that Zion's training results have little effect.

  With the control of the epidemic, many sports leagues are negotiating a restart. To be sure, there is not much time left for athletes to lose weight and hair transplant, and it is okay to cherish it. (Finish)