The message means a lot, according to Sjöstrand.

- It is a good and important first step. I feel a certain joy but also a lot of relief. The situation is still strained but clearly better now, he tells SVT.

New demands on the clubs

The public health authority has now set up new guidelines for sport, which must be fulfilled in order for matches and competitions to be conducted. It now places new demands on the football clubs.

- We must adapt to the conditions and restrictions that apply. But we have some time, it doesn't start today but not until June 14th. The conditions are not optimal in any way, but now it is important to get started properly, says Sjöstrand.

"Is a good feeling"

Jesper Karlström, who plays in the reigning Swedish champions Djurgården, was also pleased when the message from the government came.

- It's a good feeling to get started again. That is what has been waiting for, he says, well aware that it is a special season now awaiting, as it is now empty on the stands:

- It is clear that it will be special. You are used to having a lot of audience who support us, but it is important to find a drive within them anyway. But it will be very different.