According to press reports, yesterday, the Belgian police arrested Moroccan international, Mehdi Karsila, player of the Belgian football team, Standard de Liege, because of his participation in a match with his colleagues.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, "Hespress", Carcela broke the quarantine with six of his team mates, as they fought a match with the third-party RFC Liege players.

The match took place in a small stadium out of sight, before dozens of fans arrived to follow the meeting, which necessitated the intervention of security. According to the Moroccan newspaper, the police investigated Carcela and his colleagues, and put them under surveillance, pending the issuance of a decision against them, after violating the quarantine and contributing to the gathering of the masses, which is in contravention of the precautionary laws set by the Belgian government to limit the spread of the "Corona" epidemic.

The newspaper added that the police have informed the President of Standard Club de Liege of the identity of the players involved, and it is expected that financial penalties will be issued against Carcela and his team mates. A group of players participated in the match, including Carcela fellow Standard, Samuel Bastian, as well as former players of the team, Paul Jose and Junior Edmelson. The match took place in the "La Paz Mousse" area, in Liege.

One of the witnesses at the incident told the Belgian "Studinfo" website, that he saw a gathering in that region, and knew that it was a football match, so he went to them and asked the players to stop and not to gather under the current circumstances due to the Corona virus, but they did not listen to him, especially after he advised them that They set an example for others. After that he called the police, who were not late, came to the place and arrested all the participants, pending their presentation to the trial, where they are expected to receive a financial penalty and reprimand.

For his part, one of the participating players said that they were respecting the procedures, and they did not think that the match would negatively affect people, or that they would contribute to the spread of the Corona virus, and he apologized for the participation.

A group of Standard players and other teams participated in the match.

The illegal meeting attracted some audiences, which required the intervention of the police.

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