China News Service, May 27th, China Basketball Association released the "Recollection of Basketball", in memory of the Chinese basketball star Ma Lianbao who died on the 23rd.

Image source: WeChat public account of China Basketball Association

  Ma Lianbao was the main defender of the Chinese men's basketball team. After retiring, he has served as the head coach and assistant coach of the CBA clubs such as Bayi, Shanxi and Fujian, as well as the Chinese men's basketball team, the Chinese women's basketball team and the national men's and women's basketball youth teams. On the morning of May 27, the farewell ceremony of Ma Lianbao's body was held in Beijing. Many friends and disciples before Ma Lianbao's life went to see him off for the last trip.

  Ma Lianbao was born in a sports family in Jinan, Shandong in 1952. His father was a sports teacher at Jinan Jingqi Road Primary School, his uncle was the first generation of Chinese wrestling king, and his mother liked martial arts. Under the influence of the family environment, Malianbao, who was a teenager, initially liked wrestling just like his elder brother Malianzhong, second elder Malianmin and cousin Malian. The eldest brother Malian Zhong and the cousin Malian went to Beijing Sport University to study art, and Ma Lianbao also almost went to the Shandong Wrestling Team.

  Later, after coming into contact with the sport of basketball, Ma Lianbao and his eldest brother and second brother all fell in love with basketball, and they all entered the professional team, becoming the "three brothers of the Ma" in the basketball circle.

  Ma Lianbao had the best performance among the three brothers. In 1973, he entered the basketball team of the Guangzhou Military Region. At the end of 1977, he was transferred to the Bayi Basketball Team. In 1979, he was elected to the National Basketball Team and played the role of point guard on the court. In 1979, the Bayi Men's Basketball Team and the US National Men's Basketball Team (actually the college elite selection team) played two games in Beijing. As a result, the Bayi Team won 104: 96 and 72:69 respectively, making a sensation in the national live broadcast. It has also become a piece of history worth remembering in Chinese basketball. In the 1981 Asian Men's Basketball Championship, Ma Lianbao, Mu Tiezhu, and Kuang Lubin led the Chinese men's basketball team to a 7-game winning streak and won the Asian Championship.

  He is comprehensive in technology, responsive, solid in basic skills, able to attack good defensively, has good psychological quality, and has a tenacious style. In the game, it plays the role of needle and lead. It can often use excellent passes and assists to organize the team to play a pleasing and beautiful cooperation, and was rated as the "best athlete" in Asia in the 1981 Asian Basketball Championship.

  Wang Libin, who had been a teammate with Ma Lianbao in the national team, said: "We met for the first time in the 1981 Asian Championships. At that time, Qian Chenghai guided the team and added a Ma Qingsheng guide. We also have Liu Guiyi here. It was the team leader. The contact time was relatively short. He was more than a decade older than me. He was definitely my elder brother. The elder brother was very approachable and solid in life on the court. He was able to talk to everyone. "

  After retiring, Ma Lianbao transformed into a coach. He has served as an assistant to the Chinese men's basketball team and the women's basketball team. He has also served as the coach of the national men's and women's basketball youth teams and the Bayi youth men's basketball team and coached the Bayi women's basketball team. In addition, in 2008, Ma Lianbao also briefly served as the head coach of the Shanxi men's basketball team. In the future, Ma Lianbao also served as the assistant coach of the Fujian men's basketball team, and later served as a member of the Xinjiang men's basketball team.

  In 1994, as an assistant coach of the Chinese women's basketball team, he won the second place in the World Championships with the Chinese women's basketball team at that time, creating the best results of the Chinese women's basketball team in the World Championships.

  When he was the head coach of the National Youth Team, Ma Lianbao had trained a number of leading players in the Chinese men's basketball team such as Adi Jiang, Liu Yudong, Fan Bin, Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming, and now still active in the CBA league, Zhai Xiaochuan, Li Jingyu, Wu Ke, etc. The player has also been cultivated by him.

  Last summer, Ma Lianbao served as assistant coach of Xinjiang men's basketball team, and helped Xinjiang men's basketball team to build youth training. In the live broadcast of the Xinjiang men's basketball training class not long ago, Ma Lianbao also appeared on the sidelines. However, on May 23rd, he suddenly heard the news of his accidental death due to myocardial infarction. (Finish)