Montpellier striker Gaëtan Laborde was Lionel Rosso's guest on Sunday. Unemployed for three months now, the front center is longing to find the path to training and, of course, competition.


He begins to find the time long. Even if the deconfinement has given him back some of his freedom, Gaëtan Laborde is waiting for only one thing: to resume his job, that of footballer, starting with training. "We are trying to look at what is done a little in the other championships, I think we will have similar conditions", he believes on Europe 1. "We will have to adapt, be serious, not to do no matter what, but we will all be happy to return to football, that's a certainty. ", he adds. "I miss it a lot, I have ants in my legs. We try to do other sports, but this is really long. For all football fans, not only professionals."

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It will adapt to new conditions

The former Girondins de Bordeaux striker is however not as fooled. He knows that the recovery will be conditional on drastic measures, including matches behind closed doors, without supporters, and this for several months. "It will be special, but so is the period," he said. "Inevitably, playing in front of our supporters brings something more, but we will have to adapt. We prefer to play in front of our audience or in front of the opposing audience, we will miss it, but it is necessary."

Laborde, six goals in 28 games this season, has also confirmed that he does not see his future elsewhere than in Montpellier. "I will be there at the start, the idea is to make a better season, after we know that in football anything can happen. In principle, there is no problem, we are fine in Montpellier, we can do better still, the optics are not to leave. "

Montpellier, only 8th in Ligue 1 on the 28th day, might have been able to grab a European place, but something was missing at the Club de la Paillade. "We have a good margin of progress, we could have done better! We sabotaged ourselves a little on the outside matches, we won only one away game, it is very little", analyzes Gaëtan Laborde, who hopes that next season, from August 23, with or without an audience, the MHSC will be more efficient far from the Mosson stadium.