Tom Dumoulin has canceled his personal membership of the MPCC, the movement for credible cycling. The rider of Jumbo-Visma could not agree with the attitude of the group around Paris-Nice.

"I think the MPCC's philosophy is very beautiful. They pursue a cleaner sport and do not find the current doping rules strict enough, especially in the field of cortisone use," said 29-year-old Dumoulin in an episode of Cycling Flash Update on Sunday .

"I can get there, but I thought it was a farce around Paris-Nice. In my opinion, that course should not have been taken. There was already the corona outbreak, also in France."

Paris-Nice continued 'normally' in mid-March, while the corona virus also already held France in its grip. Several teams, including Jumbo-Visma, withdrew for the race or left the game before the end. In the end, the organization decided to only cancel the final stage.

"There were really serious problems, but the MPCC did not say anything about that at the time," said Dumoulin. "Their motivation is that they are there for public health, but driving from Paris-Nice was completely fine."

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"It was a very hypocritical attitude of the MPCC"

Not only the situation around Paris-Nice was reason for the 2017 Giro winner to withdraw from his membership, but also the MPCC's attitude towards the use of ketones, water-soluble molecules that are produced in the liver on the moment when the body burns fat for energy.

"They came up with the story that the use of ketones is very dangerous. I thought that was a very hypocritical attitude of the MPCC," he says. "Our team uses ketones, so it's a bit hypocritical for me to be a member of the MPCC. Those two things together have moved me to opt out."

Jumbo-Visma already left the MPCC in 2015, after George Bennett was wrongly excluded from the Giro d'Italia according to the team because of a too low cortisol value. The Dutch team then claimed that the cycling movement procedure around cortisol measurements was not 100 percent watertight.

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