Direction to stop professional baseball CS station Pa is considered to be held shortly Corona effect May 23 14:05

Since the opening of this season has been delayed due to the influence of the new coronavirus in the professional baseball league, we are making adjustments in the direction of canceling the climax series. On the other hand, the Par League is considering holding a shorter schedule.

The climax series started in 2007, and the top three teams in the regular season in both the SE and PA league will compete to advance to the Japanese series.

Professional baseball is aiming to open on the 19th of next month at the earliest, but according to the people involved, the C-League will hold the climax series in order to prioritize securing the number of games in the regular season while the opening is delayed. It means that we have to give up, and are making adjustments in the direction of canceling it.

Behind this, the S-League has fewer teams based in the dome stadium than the P-League, so there is a high possibility that the game will be canceled due to bad weather, etc., and there will be enough spare days for the regular season game. There was a strong opinion that it was necessary to secure it.

On the other hand, there is a strong opinion among the league teams in the Pa League that they want to hold the climax series in order to reduce the number of games in the final season of the regular season, and they are considering holding it after shortening the schedule.

Professional baseball has already decided to cancel the exchange game and the all-star game, and wants to announce the schedule including the opening date promptly if the emergency declaration of 1 prefecture 3 prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Hokkaido is lifted .