Strength - Artyom Dziuba

The captain of the Russian national team is a rather diverse striker. In recent years, he has proved that it is not entirely fair to consider him a typical “pillar” that plays well with his head. Dziuba demonstrated that he is able to act in a delay in the presence of a second, faster forward and as a result he became the best RPL assistant in the season 2018/19, and also leads in the current one.

But still, the strongest quality of Artyom was always physical strength. About a height of 196 cm and a weight of 91 kg, it is almost impossible to move him from his place. It is not surprising that the striker emerges victorious from most martial arts. Winning him on the second floor is almost impossible.

Not even the rivals in the matches of the home World Cup could afford it. After the quarterfinal stage, at which the Russian team completed its journey, the Zenit footballer led the rating in the number of won martial arts won (41). The best in terms of this indicator, he became in the last season of the RPL (353).

Speed ​​- Dmitry Sychev

But the main strong quality of another bright Russian striker of the XXI century has always been speed. At the age of 18, Sychev made his debut as part of Spartak and amazed the fans with his agility. The young football player literally flew across the field and easily slipped away from the defenders. After only a few months, the striker also easily ran away from opponents at the World Championships in Japan and South Korea, where he was almost the only bright spot in the Russian national team.

Unfortunately, already in 2005 Sychev received a severe knee injury, after which the former speed did not return to him. In the match against Rubin in Kazan, the striker received a complete rupture of the cruciate and lateral ligaments, as well as damage to both menisci. According to him, the knee was literally turned inside out.  

After returning from the former mobility and ease of Sychev, there was no trace left, although sometimes he showed his trump card. For example, in the final of the Cup of Russia - 2007, when in the 104th minute he made a breakthrough on the flank and gave an assist to Harry O'Connor. According to Yuri Semin, Dmitry, recovering from an injury, unnecessarily “carried away with athleticism”, which also led to a loss of dexterity and speed.

Grace - Andrey Arshavin

Two years earlier Sycheva in the championship of Russia Andrei Arshavin made his debut. Like Dmitry, he managed to immediately win the love of fans. The young midfielder boldly took the game upon himself and easily “cheated” several opponents. So, many remember his goal against Spartak in 2002. Then Andrey left four rivals and hit the target.

In addition to technology, Arshavin possessed incredible football intelligence, which allowed him to make truly extraordinary decisions. He could practically shoot from the zero corner into the far nine, as in the game against Torpedo in 2005, or “steal” the ball from the goalkeeper, as in the match for the Russian Super Cup with Lokomotiv.

And most importantly, Arshavin really enjoyed football and gave unique emotions to the fans. It is not surprising that he was also loved in England. As part of the Arsenal, the Russian also regularly held colorful performances, which is worth only one poker at the gate of Liverpool. Yes, and about the performance in the quarter-finals of Euro 2008, many still remember.

Left leg - Oleg Veretennikov

The owner of the strongest left foot in the history of the country could be called Ilya Tsymbalar. It is no coincidence that the former partner in Spartak and the Russian national team, Dmitry Alenichev, said that the Odessa team had the left as Maradona. However, the red-white legend, who had suddenly died at 44, still played in the midfield.

But from among the strikers Oleg Veretennikov could boast of a magnificent left foot. It was to her that he scored most of his goals. But Veretennikov scored the most goals in the championship of Russia - 143. European top clubs also suffered from the left striker. With distant blows, he upset Nantes and Manchester United.  

“I trained strokes all my childhood. In the courtyard we hit the garage door. A number was written there, and we tried to get into it. Sometimes, they played in boots, because it was raining and dirty on the street. But as long as I can remember, I always hit on goal. I trained like that, ”Veretennikov explained the secret of his skill in an interview with the Championship.

Right foot - Fedor Smolov

A good right foot was possessed by many forwards who played or were playing in the Russian championship, for example, the same Sychev or Alexander Kerzhakov, but RT chose Fyodor Smolov. If Veterennikov scored most of his goals with his left foot, then a native of Saratov - with his right. She helped him twice to become the top scorer of the RPL and leave for the championship of Spain.

Indicative statistics. In the RPL-2015/16 season, Fyodor scored 14 of 20 goals with his “favorite” foot. In the 2016/17 season, she had 12 goals in the country's championship out of 18, including a penalty.

Finally, it was right Smolov who struck the gates of Real Madrid as part of Celta in the February match Examples.

The leading leg of Fedor is so strong that Vasily Utkin after the 2018 World Cup sadly joked that her footballer was replaced during a photo shoot for VOGUE magazine.

Head game - Roman Pavlyuchenko

It was not easy to name the best among good-forging heads forwards. Perhaps Dziub earned the lead in this component, but since Artyom has already been noted in this material, Roman Pavlyuchenko cannot be singled out.  

Tall and light enough for their size striker always felt comfortable on the "second floor". Roman’s secret was hidden not only in growth, but also in an excellent choice of position, as well as playing ahead of schedule. Pavlyuchenko always seemed at the last moment to emerge victorious from air duels.  

The footballer’s head worked especially productively in 2006. Then he upset Slovan and helped Spartak to enter the group stage of the Champions League, and also scored CSKA in the derby and Moscow. A good game on the “second floor” helped Roman in England. The ball he scored for Manchester United for Tottenham is also memorable, as well as the goal against the Netherlands national team for Euro 2008.

Goal Flair - Alexander Kerzhakov

The top scorer in the history of Russian football is Alexander Kerzhakov. He had a significant list of strengths, but the main thing that helped him score so much was his scoring flair.  

“The main advantage of Kerzhakov is that he can score from any point in someone else’s half of the field,” his long-time Zenit partner Arshavin told us about the forward game.  

And indeed it is. Alexander perfectly felt the game and on an intuitive level he understood where the ball would be in the next moment. Therefore, the footballer scored many of his goals from a few meters, closing the backache of partners or competently playing on finishing. As an example, we can recall the exact shot on goal of the Koreans at the 2014 World Cup from outside the goalkeeper. 

At the same time, Kerzhakov did not hesitate to shoot at someone else's goal at the first opportunity, which, coupled with an amazing instinct, made him an ideal scorer. It is no coincidence that the phrase “I beat, I will beat” has become a real slogan of the striker.

Character - Vladimir Beschastnykh

Not all football players have initially outstanding data. Many to play at a high level helps character and hard work. Such is the example of Vladimir Beschastnykh, who built a good career thanks to unbending willpower, hard work, and the right attitude to the game.  

The striker made his debut with Spartak when he was 17 in a match with Wings of the Soviets. The club did not have time to add two newcomers, and yesterday the understudy appeared at the workout in the arena of CSKA in torn sneakers. Moreover, due to the lack of forwards Oleg Romantsev released the young man at the start. Many in his place could not cope with the excitement, but not Vladimir. He scored twice and never doubled back.  

A few months later, Vladimir made his debut in the national team, in the next season he will score 18 goals, and in 1994 he will leave for Werder Bremen. Unhappy in Germany, and later in Spain, he will establish himself as an unyielding football player who fights to the end. Appreciated these qualities in the team. It is no coincidence that the attacker was called up to the national team, even when he was left without a club. The unfortunate ones answered with goals and paved the way for the 2002 World Cup in matches with their main rivals, and in a key game with Switzerland he got a hat-trick. 

The ability to adapt - Pavel Pogrebnyak

Pavel Pogrebnyak also has an amazing character. The forward built a brilliant career, won the UEFA Cup and played in addition to the RPL in Germany and England. However, the forward had to fight for the climb to each new step. One of the most talented pupils of his generation, his native “Spartak” was not needed. Red and white sent the player out of the lease for rent, but he did not turn sour even in the First Division, and in 2003 scored 15 goals as part of Baltika.  

After another lease, Pavel said goodbye to Spartak and moved to Tom. It was a clear step back, but only to take two forward steps. In harsh Siberian conditions, Pogrebnyak became only stronger, distinguished himself 13 times and moved to Zenit, where he replaced the much more high-ranking Turk Fatih Tekke from the base.

Having taken the UEFA Cup, Pavel could calmly play in one of the strongest teams in Russia for many years, but he was not afraid to leave for Europe, where he also brought a lot of benefit to all the teams he played for. Pavel fought for every ball, whether it be a Premier League or Championship game, and did not give the fans any reason to blame themselves for indifference. This character helped Pavel finish the game to 36. In his years, he still plays in the RPL.