Next month 27th or July 4th J-League 2 candidates to resume final adjustments May 23 4:17

The soccer J-League is expected to make final adjustments for the official match, which has been suspended since the end of February, due to the new coronavirus, with candidates for resuming dates on the 27th or 4th of next month.

At the measures liaison meeting on the 22nd, which discusses measures for the new coronavirus, the J-League was informed by experts of infectious diseases that it would be possible for non-spectators to hold a match. In response to this, on the 29th of this month, the executive committee was held again, and the policy of deciding the schedule for resuming the official game was announced.

According to people related to the J League and clubs, adjustments are being made as candidates for the reopening date next month 27th or July 4th.

On the other hand, some athletes and instructors are worried about the time it takes to build conditions and anxiety about being infected by a virus because they have been unable to practice due to an emergency declaration.

At the interview, the J-League Mitsuru Murai chairman indicated that he would secure at least four to five weeks of preparation time before the official match resumed, but the athletes' intentions toward the executive committee on the 29th After fully listening to the question, after the resumption, for the time being, we will proceed with the final adjustment while taking into consideration such things as reducing the burden of movement by teaming up with neighboring teams.