Tottenham has released a training video for Son Heung-min. The body was light and the shooting was sharp enough to not feel the long blank. The training of Valencia's Lee Kang-in has also been released.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Son Heung-min breaks through the defender's model and fires a cool right foot mid-range shot.

Although he had been in the air for more than 3 months due to arm injuries and military training, his shooting sensation remained the same.Son Heung-min, who started a small group training with Silver Dome Bell and others

[20 seconds remain! Continue to rest.]

Under the direction of the coach, he moved unceasingly and alternately shot two mini-goals

. Faster! Five seconds are left!] The body

movement was extremely light.

Fans were enthusiastic by posting various welcome comments on Son Heung-min's lively training videos posted on the Tottenham FC homepage and SNS.


Lee, Kang-in of Valencia, Spain, put his long hair neatly into a team training session.I trained to steal the ball with my colleagues and laughed and caught my eye as a unique individual who handled the ball freely as if I had completely recovered from my ankle injury.

Shooting was also a gem.

He seemed to be aware of the competition, and showed off his goal with a long range shot.

(Video editing: M Sun)