Peter Gerhardsson took over as Swedish national team captain in the fall of 2017 since Pia Sundhage left after the European finals in the Netherlands. Gerhardsson achieved success already in his first championship, through a World Cup bronze in France last summer, and previously had a contract that would have expired next summer, 2021.

“It feels very funny that the agreement is clear. Based on the work we accomplished during my almost three years as the national team captain, it has not been a difficult decision for me - this is what I want to continue to do, ”says Peter Gerhardsson in a statement on the Swedish Football Association's (SvFF) website.

The 60-year-old now has three championships and two qualifying games to look forward to even though the ongoing corona pandemic right now means that international national football has been paused. The Olympic Tournament in Japan (where Blue Yellow already qualified) has moved from this summer to next year.

The European finals in England have pushed the European Football Association from 2021 to 2022 to give way to the men's European finals, moving from 2020 to 2021.

Happy covenant

Gerhardsson's new contract expires after the 2023 World Cup, a championship in which the International Football Federation (Fifa) has not yet designated a host country.

“There has been a mutual will in getting to this extension and from SvFF's part it is important that we try to work and think in longer sporting cycles. Therefore, it feels extremely good that we have now extended the agreement over the World Cup 2023 and thus ensured a good continuity in both leadership and working methods around the women's team for another two years, ”said the Swedish Football Association's secretary general Håkan Sjöstrand in a statement.

ARCHIVE: Gerhardsson: "Only today understood how many we touched" (July 8, 2019)

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Peter Gerhardsson was lyrical about the reception. Photo: Photo Agency