Supporters of Al-Wehdat club outperformed Al-Faisaly fans in the referendum of the “Jordan's most popular club in the Emirates”, as part of a series of polls conducted by “Emirates Today” on its social networking site “Twitter”, with 62.7% of the total votes of 1369 votes, compared to 37.3% of Al-Faisaly , In a 48-hour vote.

The vote of the Jordanian clubs was met with a great interaction, and the public was keen to participate in a number of information about the two clubs, which is the main goal of the vote launched by "Emirates Today", within the "Khalk At Home" initiative "Everyone is responsible" to limit the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19) .

The most important fans of the two clubs have important information about the two teams, and they flirted in green and blue, and one of the tweets on the Twitter site said that “the units are undisputedly located in the UAE .. The Association of the Masses of Units is not less than 10 thousand fans spread in all Emirates of the state”, Another fan commented: "The Al-Wehdat Club is the Champions Club. We are with you. Where was it?"

On Facebook, a fan said: "Not only in the Emirates, but in the world, the genie units."

On the other hand, a fan of Al-Faisaly club said: “Al-Faisaly, the leader of Jordanian clubs throughout his 88-year history, won 72 official championships, which made him second among the most crowning Arab clubs behind the Egyptian club Al-Ahly, which won 108 titles throughout its history.” A fan said A second prayer: “Al-Faisali, the leader of Jordanian football, is a great figure from Asia, figures and history are witnessing.”

The Jordanian Al-Wehdat club was founded in 1956, and it rose to the ranks of the Premier League in 1975, and won the first league championship in 1980, led by coach Othman Al-Quraini, then the championships and the golden period rolled, where he won the Jordanian league title 16 times, the Jordan Cup 10 times, and the Cup of Cups 12 times, the shield 10 times.

As for Al-Faisaly, it was established in 1932 in Amman, and it is considered the most successful football club in the history of Jordan, with 78 tournaments distributed in the Jordanian league, the Jordan Cup, the Shield of the Union, the Jordanian Super Cup, and others, and it is also the only club in Jordan of the excellent class teams (Professionals) who never fell first in its history.

Al-Faisaly is also considered one of the most successful teams in the Arab and Asian region, as he won the AFC Cup twice, and also reached the final or semi-final several times, as the team reached the Arab Champions League final twice, the first against the Algerian ES Setif team, and the second was against the Esperance team. Al-Tunisi, but Al-Faisaly lost the two championships, and the team also reached advanced roles in the championship several times.

Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly are the two Jordanian soccer champions, and the most crowned champions.

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