The former Spanish international referee Ettoraldi Gonzalez finally came out with dangerous statements, which may later affect the reputation of refereeing in the Spanish League (La Liga), especially that he is one of the well-known judges of the stadiums in his country, and before his retirement he managed 291 games during his career in stadiums, and told the newspaper « Mundo Deportivo »Catalan:“ Most of the referees in Spain belong to Real Madrid by 90%, compared to 10% for Barcelona, ​​”stressing that“ the referee is a human being, while he errs and infects his decisions, he also has affection, and he was encouraging before moving To the arbitration wire ».

Spanish clubs, players and fans criticized the refereeing performance in the Spanish League, and considered it the worst in the European continent, especially by Barcelona stars.

Gonzales explained that «referees do not come from Mars, they enter the field of arbitration because they love football, and there must be belonging to them, and the referee encourages one of the teams, I was lucky that I was born in Bilbao, and there is an ancient team like Athletic Bilbao, but I think the majority are encouraging Real Madrid And Barcelona, ​​because they are the most winning and attractive in the world, and control most of the championships ».

The veteran Spanish referee's statements have subsequently cast a shadow over the upcoming matches of the two teams, and they have mysteriously wrapped them in front of the fans who were previously questioning the integrity of some stadium judges, which makes them now more freight and concerned about the whistle before each match of «Classico Land».

Barcelona player Gerard Pique was the most critical of the referee during the past years, and he accused the stadium judges repeatedly through a series of tweets on his account on Twitter for bias in favor of Real Madrid, which angered the Spanish Federation, which threatened to punish him more than once.

Gonzalez's remarks bring to mind the 2006 Italian League scandal, which is famous for the "Calcipoli", in which Juventus, Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio and Regina clubs were involved. The penalties for Juventus, the league champion that year, for manipulating the results of matches through referees inclined to his advantage, came a heavy penalty by stripping him of the League title in the seasons 2004-2005 and 2005-2006, and relegating him to the second degree, while Inter Milan won the two titles, and was banned From playing in the Champions League, playing three games without an audience, as well as deducting nine points from his score in the second division for the 2006-2007 season. Will Gonzalez be the key to investigations into a Spanish "Liga Poli" similar to what happened in Italy, and have we witnessed the stripping of Real or Barcelona titles in the past seasons? Note that the Royal Club is the most crowning title of "La Liga" 33 times, followed by Barcelona with 26 titles, and what about the position of the rest of the teams, and specifically their closest rivals Atlético de Madrid, from the alleged arbitration courtesy of Etraldi Gonzalez for both teams?


A game that was led by former Spanish referee Etoorde Gonzalez, during his career on the field.

Itoralde Gonzalez:

"The ruling was encouraging, before he moved to the arbitration corps."

"The referees do not come from Mars, they enter arbitration because they love football."

- Piqué is the most critic of the referees from the El Clasico players, accusing them of siding with the Royal Club.

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