The Norwegian Ski Association sent in their nomination immediately after the season. The award, which applies to achievements in 2019, was awarded in the spring, but due to the corona pandemic, it has delayed shootout until the autumn. 

- Yes, it was approved by the board in March this year, confirms the Norwegian ski association's press manager Gro Eide for Norwegian TV2. Other nominated candidates are not published.

The award has been awarded since 1919 and is comparable in time and prestige with Svenska Dagbladet's gold of gold. The statutes state that the prize is to be awarded to an active "who contributed to the promotion of all-round sports and to an athlete or woman who has made outstanding achievements in one sport and distinguished himself in another."

Johaug took three World Cup golds in cross-country skiing in Seefeld in the winter of 2019 and later won during the summer and autumn the 10000 meter Norwegian championships and cross-country skiing. In terms of credit, there is hardly anyone who can stand before Johaug in the lead over possible candidates.

But there is a wording that is at least as important: "The candidate should be a role model for the basic values ​​of the sport."

Suspended for doping for 18 months

Although doping was not found when the prize was instituted 101 years ago, several leading Norwegian sports profiles consider that wording to be interpreted in today's context. There, Johaug's doping suspension is in the barrel. The star was sentenced to 18 months of suspension and missed the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics, among others. Since the comeback in November 2018, she has dominated the sport completely.

- There is an overall assessment in relation to the criteria that form the basis for the nomination. We are aware that someone could point to the shutdown. In both court hearings, it was clearly stated that this was done by mistake. We believe that Therese is a very good candidate for Egeberg's honorary award, mainly for her achievements, but also for her involvement in several non-profit organizations, motivates the Norwegian Ski Association chairman Erik Röste for Norwegian TV2.

NRK's ​​commentator does not agree with:

“Johaug violated the objective criteria, not only those that the sport set, but those that the sport must have as an effective protection in its martial law cheaters, intentional or willful. Therefore, Johaug received one of the harshest doping-related penalties that a Norwegian practitioner has been awarded. It does not make her a cheater or a person who dopes - but still someone convicted of doping. Therefore, she cannot receive the Egebergsheders prize, ”writes NRK's ​​Jan Petter Saltvedt.