The runner-up party, which more than 40,000 participants looked forward to, was canceled. The registration fee was between SEK 595 and 895.

The Gothenburg shipyard then gave four alternatives to those who would have run. To donate the entry fee, participate in the virtual race, or move their entry fee to the Gothenburg Shipyard or the Gothenburg Shipyard Marathon 2021.

Just over half snapped at the proposal to give the money away. But the General Complaints Board ARN has received 14 notifications from people who want to get back the wages.

"I do not have the opportunity to donate SEK 595 directly," writes one of the reviewers.

But that move may call the hand of the organization.

- It is very clear in our terms that we will not pay anything back if the race is canceled. The consequences would be devastating if we could not have these races and give the money to the athletics associations. Then they could not have any business, says Annika Knutsson.

The General Complaints Board is currently examining the cases that can be decided in July. But even if they would claim that the Gothenburg shipyard is liable for compensation, it is not certain that there will be any repayment.

- There is no way for us to repay all money. Then we do not survive as organizers. We believe that the conditions that apply are reasonable and that is our position, says Annika Knutsson.