The Saudi investment fund's plans to acquire Newcastle are facing opposition from 10 clubs, and the complexity of the deal has prompted club owner Mike Ashley to consider listening to other offers.

Reports in England said that the investment fund - supervised by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - is close to completing the acquisition of Newcastle for about $ 375 million.

However, the emergence of talk about the deal to the public sparked protests over Saudi Arabia's human rights issue and its connection to the P-Q network, and various parties have called on the English Premier League to prevent the completion of the acquisition.

The latest move came from representatives of 10 clubs in the Premier League who expressed their opposition to the possible deal because of the impact of the network of piracy channels on the rights of clubs.

The British newspaper The Sun pointed out that the English clubs are considering to act collectively, based on legal documents proving Saudi Arabia's involvement in supporting the "Out Q" network.

An investigation conducted by the US government confirmed the existence of links between the piracy channel network and the Saudi government, which strengthens the position of those rejecting the acquisition deal, because the piracy operations that took place in the Premier League matches had a negative impact on the rights and commercial revenues of the competition.

The Sun newspaper expected to push back the troubles over the Saudi file, owner of Newcastle club Mike Ashley, to listen to other offers, as he seeks to complete the sale of the team in order to get rid of its financial consequences.

Among the proposed bids for Ashley is a takeover bid by American media tycoon Henry Morris, who is seeking to repeat the success model Liverpool has seen since US investors took over his administration a few years ago.