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English clubs to try to get permission not to finish season in fewer stadiums, Premier League boss Richard Masters said on Monday as government paved the way for a resumption in camera ended June 1

Restart project has lead in the wing

"Obviously, all clubs would prefer to play at home if possible, but we must take into account what the authorities tell us," said Masters during a videoconference after a general meeting. “It is obvious that some clubs take this point more seriously than others. It is an ongoing dialogue "with the authorities, he added.

The Premier League is working on Project Restart, a roadmap to try to play the 92 games that remain to complete the season. In addition to playing these matches behind closed doors, Premier League planned to limit the number of stadiums hosting them to limit travel and benefit from the most suitable facilities.

Danny Rose on return to football:

"The governments saying bring back football to boost the morale of the nation, I don't give af * ck about the nations morale. Peoples lives are at risk!"

"Football shouldn't be spoken about till numbers have dropped massively. It's bollocks."

- The Spurs Web ⚪️ (@thespursweb) May 11, 2020

But a majority of clubs, especially those struggling to maintain, believe that this would distort the competition by depriving them of an advantage in the final stretch. The British government has, in any case, removed a major obstacle on the way to a resumption of competition by opening the door Monday to a resumption of sports competitions behind closed doors from June 1.

870 million losses in TV rights alone

"We are working hard to create a responsible, safe and realistic model to end the season," insisted Richard Masters, repeating that "nothing will be decided without talking to the players and coaches and meetings are scheduled in during the week. "

PL CEO Richard Masters: "Some of our clubs would argue that in relation to policing their own fans that they have a good relationship with them, and that they encourage their own fans not to turn up outside their home venues while they're playing behind closed doors "

- Rob Harris (@RobHarris) May 11, 2020

The leader also admitted that, for the first time, the 20 clubs had discussed the consequences of a permanent retirement from the current season. "It's still our goal to finish the season, but it's important to talk about all the options," he said.

In this case - which would cost £ 762 million (EUR 870 million) just to reimburse TV rights to clubs - the final ranking would be based on the average points per match and there would be many downgrades in D2, like Ligue 1.


Coronavirus: British government validates idea of ​​resuming Premier League on June 1

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