Players talk online instead of athletics competition New Corona May 10 19:25

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the onshore international tournament scheduled in Tokyo was postponed on the 10th, and the fans were looking forward to the tournament. We had a talk event.

This event is aimed at fans who were looking forward to the highest level international tournament "Golden Grand Prix" held in Japan, which was supposed to be held at the National Stadium in Tokyo on the 10th. Planned by.

The top 10 male and female athletes were divided into 3 groups and participated from different places such as their homes, and the situation was broadcast live on the Internet.

Among them, about how to spend time at home, Fumiko Kimura, a female 100m hurdle, said that she is doing basic training by connecting with other players online and sharing time, and conducted research at the University of Tsukuba. Naoto Tobe, a male high-altitude high jumper, revealed that he was reading a paper related to the competition.

In the broadcast, questions from fans were also accepted, and when asked to the men's short-distance players, "Which of 100m or 200m do you like?" On the other hand, Yuki Koike replied, "I like 100, but I am good at 200."

At the end of the event, Iizuka, on behalf of the athletes, said, "I am truly grateful that the medical staff are at the forefront. I will prepare. "