Due to the current coronary pandemic, the bandy World Cup has been moved from March to October. The majority of the clubs in the elite series invited the Swedish Bandy Association to refuse the championship this fall, but that was not the case.

Vetlanda is one of the clubs that is critical to the decision to participate in the World Cup. One of the reasons is the financial situation of the clubs.

- Much is referred to the economics of the international bandy and I understand that. But I think that in the current situation, there is a lot of other economy being sacrificed, then it feels wrong and strange that the players should go to Russia the week before the start of the series, says Vetlanda's press officer Andreas Söderman to Bandypuls.

Söderman wants the clubs to come together to continue their efforts to influence the association's decision.

- We can continue to discuss with the FSE (Swedish Association of Swedish Elite Band) and see what other clubs know and think, and then we move on together. After all, we have to, we can't settle here, but we have to see what opportunities there are to counter it. This is not good for the club band, which is the one that must be prioritized in the situation we are in.

However, FSE said on Friday that they do not plan to pursue the matter further.

Criticism has also been directed at two World Cups being played within six months. The World Cup in October in Russian Irkutsk is followed by the World Cup in Syktyvkar at the end of March-April.