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What is a unique car? Each, in their own way, has an answer to this question. But the most direct is raised by the 'one-off' , projects designed to suit a consumer. Some exclusive brands make them for renowned clients. There are other ways: entrusting a coach with what your mind imagines on nights of deep sleep.

This is what the Dutch Floris de Raadt did , who asked the Dutch preparer to transform a 2013 Tesla Model S , a saloon, into a shooting brake , a type of vehicle that is the combination of a coupe and a familiar or station wagon . A personal request that now sells at an ultra-luxury price: 224,521 euros with VAT . An amount with which you could aspire to sports that remove the hiccups.

Although if you look closely at the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake to more than one it will seem simply familiar. Concepts aside, it is a unique model. Since the North American manufacturer does not have this typology in its portfolio. Neither do the other brands, which have chosen to electrify themselves mostly with SUVs or utility vehicles.

The Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake of Floris de Raadt's dreams

"I wanted an Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake"

The Tesla Model S SB , as it is known for short, is the work of RemetzCar , author of other works such as the funeral Tesla Model S , a six-wheel Range Rover or the preparation of the Audi A8L of the Kings of the Netherlands. One of the first European countries in which the electrical manufacturer gained fame.

Behind Floris de Raadt's wish lay another deeper one, which was to own an Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake . He updated and focused his desire on an electric rarity that was originally going to be born with the rear of a Jaguar XF Sportbrake . Frank Reijenga of RemetzCar shook his head. There was a material problem: the Jaguar was steel while the Tesla's body was aluminum .

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake with which you wanted to splice the Model S

The base model was a green Tesla Model S 85 Performance . Color was key in this decision, since this color was retouched until achieving a British Racing Green that serves as a common thread in this transformation. A tribute to the United Kingdom, where the shooting brakes have their origin.

Other parameters: rear-wheel drive, 422 horsepower and a torque of 600 Nm to make the 0 to 100 km / h in the blink of an eye. The design was signed by Niels van Roij, author, among others, of the Adventum Coupe, an exclusive two-door Range Rover. At all times it was decided to preserve the original structure as much as possible.

This is how the rear windshield was camouflaged with a small spoiler

A large chrome steel strip from the A-pillar to the C-pillar is differential. This contributed to making the silhouette sporty. One of De Raadt's requirements: the rear windshield . This component could not deform harmony. The solution was found in a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer , where it was camouflaged under the spoiler. The panoramic sunroof and 21-inch wheels were also dropped.

Exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2019

Once this issue was resolved, the interior of the Model S SB was coupled to the exterior. It did not undergo major modifications with respect to the factory. It has the same large central screen from which everything is directed. They did reupholster the steering wheel and the seats in cream. With green stitching that combined with the British Racing Green exterior . The connectivity package with 4G and the Type 2 recharge plug have been updated, which has integrated light and automatic closure of the lid.

This vehicle, like all shooting brakes , causes strangeness at first glance. Despite their functionality, they have not always enjoyed aesthetic adherence by the entire public. However, the Tesla Model S SB , according to its owner, "always caught the attention of passers-by for their taste." So much so that it was exhibited at the stand that the tire manufacturer Vredestein put on in an edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

Event many times visited by De Raadt, raised in Switzerland. Despite the deep individual will from which this vehicle emerged, it is now for sale at Classic Driver with 65,000 kilometers. Of course, with prices that would give to buy a pair of the most expensive Tesla on the market: 185,555 euros that with VAT would become 224,521.

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