Sharjah Club won the title of the challenge of the "most popular clubs" in the Arab Gulf League, in a referendum organized by the newspaper "Emirates Today" over a period of 14 days, in which the 14 league clubs participated, and set records for participation exceeding one million voters.

Sharjah's victory came exciting in front of Al-Wahda in the final, the day before yesterday, as its supporters turned the result in the last moments, with "historic Rimontada", in the last two hours before the vote closed, and with a record participation of 399 thousand and 715 votes, 68.1% of them chose Sharjah, in exchange for 31.9% voted in favor of the unit.

The unit remained ahead throughout the two days of voting in the final stage, but the last two hours changed the result in favor of Sharjah, to settle an exciting vote in which one million and 47 thousand and 933 voters participated.

The «Emirates Today» has launched the most popular club challenge league in the Arab Gulf League, with the participation of the 14 clubs, according to the ranking of the championship teams at the conclusion of round 19 of the league suspended since last March. The vote was done through the newspaper’s account on the social networking site «Twitter», and in the framework of supporting the “Stay Home” initiative, to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the Sharjah fans had officially won the title of best fans in the Arab Gulf League last season, the season in which the club won the League Shield title for the first time in many years.

Sharjah supporters confirmed their strength in the new mass challenge, and they started with caution, during the first stages of voting, as the club won victory in the quarter-finals, then outperformed Al-Wasl in the semi-finals in the most voting that saw the participation of nearly 444,000 voters, then surpassed Unity in the final.

The club's fans and officials reacted strongly to winning the challenge, and Chairman of the Board, Ali Salem Al-Midfa, congratulated the team's supporters, praising the sporting spirit that prevailed in the vote.

For his part, the former director of the victory team, Khaled Obaid, praised the historical participation in the vote, which confirmed the public's need for competitions and their desire to return to sports competitions, and told «Emirates Today»: «The vote achieved the main goal of it, which is to encourage the public to talk in sports, And remember the history of the teams in their career in the league championship ».

He continued: «Far from any result, in the end it is something that falls within the framework of societal initiatives, which is an important role for press and media institutions to encourage the public to be at home during these important periods.

Khaled Obaid added: “We enjoyed voting throughout his meetings, and I expect that there is no athlete that he did not talk about. He talked about the memories of the fans in previous matches and tournaments, and the vote showed the fans’ thirst for matches and competitions, with respect for all the teams for sure, and appreciating the great role of the fans, and remains In the end, the team won, and its fans managed to handle the vote well.

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