“We are young and impudent, therefore we set the task to become the first”

The transition of Alexandra Trusova from the team of Eteri Tutberidze to the group of Evgeni Plushenko caused a serious resonance in Russia. The transfer was a surprise for both fans and many experts. It is not surprising that the discussion of what happened is actively ongoing for the second day. 

On this occasion, one of the main characters in history, Plushenko, spoke out. The two-time Olympic champion gave a great interview to one of the domestic publications, in which he explained why the 15-year-old athlete decided to change her mentor. According to him, the bronze medalist of the European Championships "no one lured or urged."  

“Now the window for the transitions of athletes is open. We are preparing documents for processing the transition to the Moscow Federation, the Russian Figure Skating Federation and Sambo-70, where Sasha Trusova was and is currently listed. In general, we are officially engaged in, as expected, documents. The only thing is that we are signing them, preparing them, and when quarantine is over, we will file them, ”Plushenko quotes Sport24. 

The specialist admitted that working with Trusova is the main challenge in his coaching career. He intends to refuse to participate in a number of shows, tours and demonstrations in order to pay maximum attention to the new ward.

“We are young and bold, so we set the task of becoming the first at the World Championships, Europe and the Olympics. Already started to look for choreographers. I do not exclude that there will be a foreigner for both short and free programs. The process is running. We communicate with Sergei Rozanov about the programs, we have already chosen music, ”Plushenko said.  

However, Eugene said that he did not want to enter into confrontation with Tutberidze. The two-time Olympic champion, according to him, asked Trusov to part with the previous team humanly and to thank people for the work done. 

“I myself am not the first to attack anyone, only to defend myself. And when I defend myself, I do it very painfully. Alexandra and her parents immediately said that they should part with all diplomatically, competently, ”Plushenko emphasized.  

However, he still did not miss the opportunity to inject Tutberidze. Answering a question about the confrontation with the coach, Plushenko said that to prove his superiority is necessary with results, and not "balabolism".

“Eugene will put his whole soul into Trusova”

Trusova herself prefers to remain silent. On Wednesday, allegedly, a message appeared on the page of the Vkontakte figure skater, in which she said that she had left Tutberidze “for personal reasons”. But the father of the athlete Vyacheslav later called this account “fake”. 

“There will be no official information before the federation confirms everything according to its rules. Let's respect the procedures, ”the Sport Express quoted the man as saying.   

But she commented on the loud transfer of the skater of Plushenko’s wife, Yana Rudkovskaya. She promised that her husband would pay maximum attention to Alexandra and "put her whole soul into her." At the same time, she called Tutberidze “a very strong coach.” 

Interestingly, the athlete at the Plushenko Academy again intersects with Alexander Volkov. She ended her collaboration with him four years ago. The specialist has already called Trusov the strongest athlete of the new group.

“Trusova needs more stable quadruples. Still need an emphasis on skating, because if she breaks the jumps, she gets a second rating a little lower than Alena Kostornaya and other girls. And, of course, a triple axel. Still, adult skating is slightly different from youthful, it should be more feminine. If the child decided to go, there is no catch. I do not think that Plushenko has a goal to compete with Tutberidze. He does his job and does it well, ”Volkov said in an interview with Metaratings. 

The previous Trusova team did not leave the incident without comment. On the eve of the departure of the now former ward, Tutberidze spoke out. A little later, the FFKKR interview was given by the group choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz. Next, a rigid post in social networks was published by the director of the Sambo-70 sports and education center, Renat Layshev, in which the skater studied until recently. 

“To make the transition without negotiations, without discussing it with all interested parties, especially at such a critical moment when the whole country is focused on overcoming a common disaster, can be called a betrayal,” Layshev wrote in his Instagram.  

In his opinion, the talent of Tutberidze causes envy among many, which leads to attempts to lure her wards. As the only example of a civilized transition, the director of Sambo-70 recalled Yevgeny Medvdev, who began working with Canadian Brian Orser.

“Not everyone is ready to withstand Tutberidze millstone”

In the world of Russian figure skating, opinions about Trusova’s departure to Plushenko were divided. Someone supports the young skater, someone condemns. But most experts nevertheless reacted to the incident with understanding. For example, three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina recalled that Alexandra was not the first to decide on such a move.  

“What is wrong with the Tutberidze group? I do not climb into such subtleties. Any person who comes to her group understands that he falls into the millstones. Not everyone is ready to withstand them. With any athlete, both the federation and the coach sign a contract every year. There is a period in any federation for any athlete and coach, when you can change society, coach. Now is just this period. We have until May 15, if I'm not mistaken, the transition is just allowed. Therefore, this is a normal spring process, ”Pravda.Ru quotes Rodnina. 

Another famous figure skater, two-time world champion Irina Slutskaya, did not see “nothing shocking” in the transition to Trusova. She emphasized that Alexandra’s decision was unlikely to be impulsive and most likely was carefully planned.   

“As an athlete who has gone a long history with one coach, of course, I side with the specialist. It is very painful and unpleasant when the ward whom you raised is leaving you. But if a full-fledged training process is impossible, such an alliance between the athlete and the coach does not expect anything good. I want to wish all parties to adequately transfer this transition, to each move in their own direction, to develop, ”Slutskaya wrote on Instagram.

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Publication by Irina Slutskaya / @ Irina Slutskaya (@slutskayaofficial) May 7, 2020 at 3:17 PDT

The bronze medalist of the World Cup, Elena Radionova, also declared a certain misunderstanding between Trusova and Tutberidze. At the same time, she believes that Alexandra and Plushenko should have a good tandem.

But other experts suggested that the parents of the skater played a big role in what happened. This opinion is shared, in particular, by the silver medalist of the World Cup Alyona Leonova and the famous commentator Andrei Zhurankov. At the same time, the latter did not see Trutova leaving a big tragedy for Tutberidze.

“Perhaps Trusova’s parents felt that Tutberidze paid more attention to Kostornaya, Anna Shcherbakova and the same Camilla Valieva, which did not allow Alexandra to progress properly. And here Plushenko, who himself was the king of the quadruple jumps. Another thing is if Kostornaya left for another coach. It would not be just a fashion hit, but a real guillotine! And then the third issue left, which is still unknown how it will grow. But for the Plushenko Academy, the arrival of Trusova will definitely be a challenge, ”the Sport Express commentator quotes.