Ole Einar Björndalen was 44 years old when he finished his biathlon career. So far Johannes Thingnes Bö will not be an elite level skater.

- No. I think when I am 33 years old it is time for life to start to be about something other than elite sport. And then I have had a long career, says Thingnes Bö.

- I'll drive on until 2026, then it's over. I think the years will go by quickly because my motivation is only getting stronger.

"A natural time to give up"

Thingnes Bö, who will soon turn 27, has been one of the best skiers in recent years. He has taken World Cup medals and Olympic medals.

- I think the Olympics 2026 in Italy will be fantastic. That will be the end point. It is not relevant to stop before then. It will be a natural time to give up, then I am 33 years old.

CLIP: This is super sprint in biathlon (April 20, 2020)

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This is super sprint in biathlon Photo: Bildbyrån