Marco van Basten completely does not understand the decision of the KNVB to keep the current position in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division as the final score. The former top striker of Ajax, AC Milan and Orange understands very well that there are now crooked faces.

"This solution is not possible at all? It cannot be explained with normal common sense? If you play a game, and you cannot finish that game, there are two simple options," said Van Basten on Monday in an interview with the AD .

"Either the one who stands for wins. Either you decide that there is no winner, because the game is not finished. Then you are not going to look for a strange interim solution, where one has won a bit, and the other has not, and the next a little lost? I understand that lawyers are popping up here, because it is very crooked. "

Van Basten, who was involved in the rules of the game at FIFA in the past and is now an analyst at FOX Sports, believes that the season should have been canceled just like the amateurs and that the KNVB should have kept the final score of last season.

"That FC Utrecht had played a game less than Willem II, with a better goal difference, but still losing his ticket: that is impossible to explain? If you had canceled the score, everything would have been clear in any case."

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"It's about money, money, money"

According to Van Basten, the KNVB has been "ringeloren" by UEFA. "The European Football Association has been very compelling to the national unions in a very inappropriate way, as UEFA is on the leash of the rich European clubs. It's about money, money, money," he says.

"UEFA tries to master the competitions. But why didn't the KNVB simply say: 'We do it our way'? It is not at all for UEFA to interfere in a national competition. The KNVB should have been grinded but apparently they didn't dare. "

Van Basten is not the first prominent Dutch football player to speak out against the KNVB decision. Recently Willem van Hanegem said in his AD column that he also doesn't understand anything.

The KNVB decided, among other things, that Ajax will finish first, the Europa League tickets will go to Feyenoord, PSV and Willem II and that there will be no promotion and relegation. The latter already led to a lawsuit of SC Cambuur and De Graafschap, who were on their way to promotion.