Yesterday, the Swedish Orientation Association announced that Tove Alexandersson has been ill for a couple of weeks, and is not exercising at all right now because she has had heart problems.

"I have done medical examinations that have shown that even the heart has been affected," she said in a press release.

"Didn't feel very good"

For SVT Sport, she develops what it is all about.

- After I became symptom-free, I still felt that it didn't feel very good in my body, so I wanted to check my heart before I started exercising to make sure it wasn't affected in any way. Then I did an ECG that showed that the heart had some kind of impact, she says, but didn't want to explain more exactly what it was about the impact.

- I don't think I can really say that. It's probably easy to get it wrong then because I don't have the medical knowledge required to make it right, says Alexandersson.

- After the ECG, I did some more research and took it easy and not trained to wait until you can see that the heart is completely recovered again and everything looks good.

"Was pretty sick"

Alexandersson, who says that she does not currently feel any symptoms at all and is feeling well, explains that she is not very worried.

- I was quite ill when I was ill and had a fever for a long time, so it may not be so strange that the heart was affected a little and then it is important to be very careful with the workout before the body is fully recovered so that I do not get some heart problems in the future, she says, and continues:

- So hopefully there should be no heart problems at all.

No stress

The orienteering world, just like almost every other sport in the world, is currently on pause because of the cornapandemia. Therefore, Alexandersson has no stress whatsoever, and intends to take the time she needs to get back into shape.

- I think I should take the time to get started in a calm and nice way now, and there is really no stress. So first, I should focus on the body being fully recovered before I start exercising again. Then I'll step up the training at a decent pace and then I'll see when the orientation season starts again.

But the goal is, if it becomes a World Cup at the end of the season, to be on the starting line there?

- I really hope so! If I can only get back up and running within a couple of weeks, it should not be a problem to train up until then.