Rugby Joseph HC “Maintaining Positive Athletes for Players Importantly” 21:58 May 3

In response to NHK's interview with Japan National Team Rugby coach Jamie Joseph Head, while team building was affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, "The most important thing is to keep the players healthy and positive. I'm sure I'll be able to regain my strength like last year once the activity resumes. "

Coach Joseph Head, who led Japan to the best eight ever in the Rugby World Cup last year, is highly acclaimed and will lead the next World Cup in France three years later.

We were interviewed on the web site from New Zealand returning to Japan on the 3rd, while it is not possible to resume the representative activities due to the spread of new coronavirus.

In this, Coach Joseph Head said, "I'm sorry that rugby is no longer available in the world because it's a big part of my life."

Regarding the impact on team building, such as the fact that the scheduled test match with Wales and England, which was scheduled from the end of next month, is in a difficult situation, `` Don't worry about things that can not be done, I can do what I can do now. The most important thing is to keep the athletes healthy and positive, and tell them that they have the strength to play as a representative and prepare. I am confident that I will be able to regain my strength like last year. "

It means that we will keep in touch with key members such as Captain Reach Michael and share what kind of team we are aiming for for further heightening.

In addition, Joseph Head Coach said that in the last year's World Cup, players from seven countries overcame various hardships by gathering in "one team", "helping each other, trusting each other and contributing. That's what happens when we try, and what we need now is to stay healthy and safe, with health first. "