China News Service, May 2 (Xinhua) In view of the collective salary reduction of the Serie A officially announced before, the Italian Players Association issued a statement through the media today to protest the decision to reduce the salary of players during the new crown epidemic and pointed out that this is unacceptable , Because this does not take into account the impact of amateur sports activities on family livelihoods.

Screenshot of Italian media reports

  On April 6, Beijing time, Serie A officially released an announcement that the league teams had reached an agreement on the player's salary reduction. If the league cannot be resumed, players need to give up 4 months of wages, which is about 30% of the annual salary; and if the league resumes , Players still have to give up 2 months' salary.

  The protest of the Italian Players Association was a response to the “arbitrary” attitude that the league and the club did not consider the true opinions of the players. The statement stated: "We cannot understand why the losses caused by the epidemic will fall entirely on the players. At first, people thought that it would be unreasonable and illegal to sacrifice the interests of amateur players. Their wages were arbitrarily reduced, or even Some players are asked to move out of their apartment. "

  "This does not take into account the impact of amateur sports activities on family livelihoods, which is why salary cuts are unacceptable. We need all parties to make decisive and substantial interventions. Today, we are working together on the same result The current situation is very grim. Players face the risk of not getting any salary from March to September or even October. Those who think they can cut the salary of amateur players have no idea about sports, the economy and the living conditions of these players. "The statement also wrote. (Finish)