Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho revealed that he cried when Bayern Munich in 2012 removed Real Madrid, who was coaching him, from the Champions League.

He said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "Marca" published today, Saturday, "This night is the only one that I cried, I remember it well. I and Itur Karenka (Mourinho's assistant) stopped the car in front of my house and we cried."

"It was difficult to accept defeat, especially since this 2011-2012 season we were the best team in Europe," the coach added.

And this weekend, eight years have passed since Mourinho ended Barcelona's leadership, led by Josep Guardiola, on football in Spain, by winning the league title after winning a record 100 points.

But Mourinho also had an opportunity to win what would have been the tenth title for Real in the Champions League, but he lost a penalty shootout against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals, where Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Sergio Ramos wasted their penalty shootout.

"This is also football. Cristiano, Kaka, Ramos, they are monsters, there is no doubt about that. They are also human beings," said the Portuguese coach.

And about thinking about winning the Spanish league, he said, "This was my third title, if we exclude Portugal. I wanted to win the league titles in England, Italy and Spain. I am still the only coach who did this."