Soccer Kagawa players and badminton Momota players send 200,000 masks May 16 16:03

Soccer players Shinji Kagawa and badminton Kento Momota have begun support activities to send 200,000 masks to children and healthcare professionals affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.

This was announced by the management company to which Kagawa players belong.

In the support activity named "# Tsunagi" project, 75 athletes belonging to this management company, such as Kagawa and Momota, and Sani Brown Abdel Haquiem on the ground, are children affected by the spread of the new coronavirus. We will send 200,000 masks with a message to all of us, healthcare professionals, and areas associated with it.

Furthermore, we want to expand the circle of support by showing a video of athletes using toilet paper as a supportive feeling, connecting with lifting and passing, and a video calling for hand washing and gargling.

Kagawa commented, "I wish I could help you a little. Everybody's actions depend on everything. I want to work together to overcome the same situation."