Ajman Club Board Member and Executive Director Nasser Al-Dhafri announced that his club reached an agreement with the first team players regarding reducing their monthly salaries, without revealing the percentage reached. The Football Association had previously recommended a 40% reduction in the value of players ’contracts due to the Corona pandemic.

Al Dhafri told «Emirates Today»: “We would like to thank the players for their position regarding the quick approval of the proposal presented by the club to reduce part of their monthly salaries, and this reflects the extent of the spirit of the one family that Ajman Club enjoys, and this initiative will remain appreciated by the club management. For all elements of football in the club ».

He explained: "What can be said in this regard is that the rate of reduction came in line with the financial conditions of the club, and also took into account the monthly obligations imposed on the players, without being affected by the reductions agreed upon."

Ajman is the first club in the Arab Gulf League to officially announce the decision to reduce the contracts of its players due to the Corona crisis, and the suspension of football activity in all countries of the world.

And on the decision of the Professional League regarding the completion of the season next August, Nasser Al-Dhafari said: “We would like to confirm at the beginning that Ajman stands among the clubs supporting the Football Association and the Professional League in any step they take in the interest of Emirati football, and this is a consistent principle in the methodology of the administration’s work, but Our view is that if the association's statement concerns the completion of the season in August, this approach will face difficulties for its implementation by the clubs. ”

The Professionals Association issued a statement on Wednesday about a possible return to football activity in the country in August, with a permanent and continuous assessment of the situation with the relevant authorities.

He continued: «The first of that difficulty is the preparations that will precede the return of the league, so it is not clear to anyone that it is impossible for clubs to enter any external camps in July or early August due to the Corona virus, and therefore we will not have any options but the preparations within the country, and therefore we will face weather-related problems, and not To play any friendly matches to equip the players in a way that is appropriate to the sensitivity of the last stage of the league, whose results will be determined by the identity of the champion and the two teams descending from the Amateur League.

Al-Dhafari asked, "What is the guilt of the clubs that paying salaries for four or five months for the players may not continue with the team in the coming season, which is an additional financial burden on the clubs that is not commensurate with the current conditions."

He added: “But if the decision is related to the start of the new season, this decision will undoubtedly be welcome, I think, from everyone, especially since the season usually starts with the Arab Gulf Cup competition, which is the best preparation for teams before entering the league battle, and we hope that it will be intended by a statement The League and the Football Association are this trend. ”

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