Serbian Novak Djokovic , number 1 in the ATP ranking, confessed on Wednesday that in 2010 he was about to quit tennis, after losing against Austrian Jurgen Melzer in the Roland Garros quarterfinals.

"In 2010 I lost to Melzer in the Roland Garros quarterfinals and cried after that loss. It was a negative moment, I wanted to quit tennis because I saw it all black. I had won in Australia in 2008, I was world number 3, but I was not happy, "Djokovic acknowledged in an interview with" Sky Sport "television.

"I knew I could do more, but I was losing the most important games against (Swiss Roger) Federer and ( Rafa) Nadal . From that moment I freed myself, took off my pressure, started to play more aggressively. That was the key change," added.

After that negative moment, Djokovic built a career full of successes, with 17 Grand Slam titles and 34 Masters 1000 titles.

"Last year's Wimbledon final against Federer is next to the final with Nadal in Australia 2012 the best game I have ever played. From a technical point of view, Roger's quality of play was excellent. I played the deciding points well, not I missed nothing in the final tiebreaker, perhaps for the first time in my career, "he said.

He also referred to options to resume competition this season, with the ATP indicating July 13 as the possible start date.

"Officially the date to resume the competition is July 13, but they have already canceled a WTA tournament in Canada. You have to see how the situation is going in the United States, because we should go there in August. If it will be less dangerous, we can resume the competition, "he said.

"It could also be that they cancel all tournaments in America and resume clay tournaments in the fall," he concluded.

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