Aaron Gordon, who missed the dunk king in the 'judgment controversy' at the NBA All-Star Game in February, expressed his dissatisfaction with rap. The title is '9 out of 10.' Let's hear the story.

Reporter Lee Jung-chan.


Gordon, who continued his march with a picturesque dunk, lost by one point after popping the dunk beyond the tacho pole, the tallest 2m 31cm longest, in the second extension of the final.

It was decisive that former Dwayne Wade's star Dwayne Wade, who gave Derek Jones Jr. a 10 point, gave Gordon 9 points.

At the time, suspicions were raised that Wade was biased for Miami's junior Jones Jr., and two months later, Gordon expressed his displeasure with rap.

[Look at your judgment, everyone is puzzled.]

NBA governor

Adam Silver also admitted himself, and [Adam Silver also told me that he deserved a win.]

Condemned Wade for nine points.

[9 out of 10, why don't you rewrite the lens?]

[Aron Gordon / Orlando Magic Forward: It was a shocking event in my life. I wanted to share this story with everyone in the world.]


[Lary Moreno: (You know the park is closed. What are you doing ?!]

Amid the parks in New York, the college basketball player Larry Moreno is in control. The shots thrown while following are the topic.

Moreno put on a mask and performed tricks like a circus, putting long-range shots outside the park into the goalposts inside the park.

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