Recently Anders Byström left the job as national team manager for the biathlon team and became national team manager for the cross country team. Rikard Grip, who a year ago was fired from the job as national team manager for the cross country team, is now heading in the opposite direction and becoming secretary general of the biathlon association.

- A great pleasure, I really look forward to taking on the new challenge, says Rikard Grip to SVT Sport.

- It attracts me, the development phase that biathlon is in, to be able to participate and contribute together with a fantastic organization. I think I can join in and help us take a few more steps together.

Led the cross country team to great success

The Archery Association has recently presented Anna-Maria Uusitalo as the new head of sport and Jean-Marc Chabloz as the new shooter. In addition, Stina Nilsson, who Grip has worked with over the years in the cross country team, recently changed sports to biathlon.

In the press release, Grip says he looks forward to coming to "a union in the tailwind".

- The national team has taken great strides in recent years. You have several active ones who can be higher up in the lists and new names emerge, for example Johanna Skottheim who took several top-10 placements this year.

"The perfect secretary general"

Grip, who worked in the cross country team as the national team captain and national team manager in 2010-2019, has worked with Olympic preparations at the Swedish Olympic Committee for the past year. During his years in the cross country team, the Swedish riders took 35 Olympic and World Championship medals and he was named Leader of the Year at the Sports Gala in 2015.

- I have had a fantastic time at SOK but when this showed up I felt it tickle, says Grip.

The biathlon president of Sofia Domeij is pleased with the recruitment.

- Rikard is the perfect secretary general for us. His background and experience is extensive and suits us well. Along with his drive and clear leadership, the biathlon association will now be able to continue its positive development, ”she said in a press release.

ARCHIVE: Grip on new national team leadership: "Must give them peace of mind" (February 2, 2020)

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"I think they need peace and quiet"