Nantes handball player Cyril Dumoulin - MADS DALEGAARD ​​/ RITZAU SCANPIX / AFP

  • The auction orchestrated by the HBC Nantes goalkeeper ended on Sunday evening.
  • A thousand objects, sold by anonymous or champions of all fields, has raised more than 300,000 euros.

“The initial idea was to collect 1,000 or 2,000 euros. But that was without counting a huge mobilization from the world of sport and a virtuous circle. It is supernatural what happened! One month after launching its Sport Aidons initiative for the benefit of nursing staff, it is time for accounts for handball player Cyril Dumoulin. According to the guardian of HBC Nantes, whose initiative ended Sunday evening, at least 300,000 euros, "but surely a little more", were collected through the auction or live of a thousand objects, ceded by anonymous or champions from all areas.

This weekend for example, it was Hugo Lloris who offered his gloves worn during the final of the 2019 Liverpool-Tottenham Champions League. "It is one of the great stories of this adventure," says Cyril Dumoulin. There have been several like this, which show that you can count on the family of sport. Raynald Denoueix's medal, then bought by the supporters, brought the operation out of Nantes. There was after Alexis Vastine who was a great moment of emotion and allowed this sale to expand to all sports. We can also cite the gesture of Thibaud Pinot, whose jersey went to more than 6,000 euros, who then doubled the auction… ”

A collector's jersey

After a month of sales, Cyril Dumoulin and his team (made up of players in the sports world including journalists) are now working to "bring these gifts from the virtual to the real". According to him, 120,000 euros have already been paid to hospitals in France. "It is now that they need it, so we preferred to stop the sale so that we could concentrate on the logistical aspects. The objective is to help caregivers, equip them with protective equipment, improve their working and living conditions in their daily fight… ”

For those who would still like to participate in the prize pool, a jersey with the names of all the athletes who participated in the operation is on sale on the Cyril Dumoulin site for 49 euros. It is also possible to make a donation.


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