Chinese women's football team training hard in Haikou

  The Hainan Mission Hills Football Training Base in Haikou, Hainan, was very lively in April, and the Chinese women ’s football team was conducting intensive training here. From winning the qualification for the Tokyo Olympics in Guangzhou last November, to traveling abroad to New Zealand for a few months, and then returning to China for training, this team has grown rapidly in hard work.

  Sevens rugby became an Olympic event at the 2016 Rio Olympics, but the Chinese women ’s team failed to qualify. In the new Olympic cycle, the Chinese women's team embarked on a dream chase. In the end, they won the Tokyo Olympics Women's Rugby Asian Qualifying Tournament at the end of 2019 with a victory record and included Olympic tickets in their pockets.

  In order to meet the Tokyo Olympic Games in a better state, the team went to New Zealand for winter training in December last year. The team conducted a physical assessment of each player for about a week, and developed a personalized winter training program for each player. Weight, bench press, squat, etc. determine the target value. At the same time, complete rehabilitation plans are also prepared for injured athletes.

  The Chinese women's football team's training in New Zealand pays close attention to physical fitness and tactics, and has conducted many game exchanges with the New Zealand women's football team and local club teams. "The communication with the high-level team has made everyone more deeply aware of the gap, whether it is the speed of the offense or the strength of the defense, there is still much room for improvement." Leader Jia Jipo said: "At the same time, when the team is in the game The girls also increased their confidence when they played a beautiful attack and scored. "

  More than two months of overseas winter training has increased the team's cohesion, athletes' physical fitness has been greatly improved, and their technology has become more mature. After returning to China in mid-March, the team members were put into intensive training after isolation and observation. Affected by the epidemic, four foreign teachers failed to join the team, but they remotely guided the team's daily training through the network. At the same time, foreign assistant coaches and physical fitness coaches, as well as Chinese technical coaches, video analysts, team doctors, scientific researchers and nutritionists, formed a composite professional team to make the training more targeted.

  "For the young and rising Chinese team, the Tokyo Olympics were postponed, and the team had one more year to prepare for the game. Young athletes can better strengthen their basic skills and improve their competitive level." Jia Jipo admitted frankly: "This is our The opportunity to shorten the gap with the world's strong teams, so make full use of this time, make training arrangements, especially pay close attention to physical training. "

  The rugby competition is fierce, and it is a test of the comprehensive quality of the athletes and the fighting spirit of the team. In the following training, in addition to continuing to strengthen physical fitness, the Chinese women's football team will also prepare multiple sets of tactics for different opponent characteristics. There are 12 teams in the women ’s rugby match at the Tokyo Olympics, and 10 teams have been identified. In addition to the Chinese women ’s team, there are the New Zealand women ’s team, the American women ’s team, the Canadian women ’s team, the Australia women ’s team, the Brazil women ’s team, the British women ’s team, the Kenya women ’s team, the Fiji women ’s team and the Japan women ’s team. "We hope to continuously improve the technical and tactical level to form a style of play with the characteristics of the Chinese women's team." Jia Jipo said.

  Li Shuo