On Sunday, April 26, a number of sports documentaries will be republished:

Fanny and Amelie fight for a place in the male-dominated gallop elite with early mornings, tough training and passion for horses.

Swede and barefoot runner
Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia became the first black African to win an Olympic gold. Behind Bikila stood the Swedish Onni Niskanen, the coach who "discovered" the African long-distance runners.

The marathon
Every summer, it takes place, Fotrallyt, where participants walk and walk and walk at the speed of 5 km / hour, mile after mile, day after day - until only one person stands on their feet.

Jonna - a movie about real rally brides
Jonna Eson Brådhe follows in her mother's and grandmother's footsteps as a rally bride. After a tough upbringing with bullying and exclusion she has set herself the goal of becoming a professional in a sport completely dominated by men.

Soccer in need and desire
FC Rosengård in Malmö is one of the world's best women's soccer teams. During a dramatic year, we get to follow the team in their success on the plane but also in their struggle for economic survival.

Synchro - pressure of 16 figure skaters
16 figure skaters on the ice simultaneously. It's synchro! We follow Swedish Team Boomerang's road to the World Cup in synchronized figure skating.

Underdogs - The women's crowns, the letter and Boork
Proud ice hockey players, powerful young women who carry on an untold history of ice hockey construction and structures. When fourteen players from Damkronorna write an email to the national team management and ask for better conditions, they do not ask to be paid, they ask to be treated with a higher human value.

Down the mountain - a movie about downhill skiing
Of all branches, downhill skiing is the biggest challenge for both riders and branch managers. Åre's downhill race should be difficult, nerve-wracking and fast without being fatal. What is needed to defeat the mountain?

Dox: Demon coach
85 years old, tennis coach Nick Bollettieri is a living legend. At his Florida Academy of Tennis, some of the biggest stars have been brought up, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Monica Seles.

Zlatan - for Sweden in time
Zlatan looks back on his unlikely journey from the gravel plane in Rosengård to being depicted as a statue in shimmering bronze. A journey that is bordered by historical goals, winnings and trophies in the top tier of world football but which is just as much about taking its place in Swedish society.