Pitcher Yang Hyun-jong of Ace KIA of Korea first appeared in a practice game. Raised expectations for the regular league with a dazzling hot fight.

Reporter Jungwoo Kim.


At the beginning of the first episode, Yang Hyun-jong, who hit an injustice solo home run by Park Min-woo, an NC lead hitter who had only one home run last year, changed his face.

We carefully and elaborately attacked every corner of the strike zone with a variety of pitches, overwhelming the NC lineup.

He caught five strikeouts and showed his greatness in aces by hitting two runs and one goal with 78 pitches up to six times.

Yang Hyeon-jong is scheduled to start the KIA's opening match on the 5th of next month after one more practice practice.

KIA shortstop Park Chan-ho helped Yang Hyeon-jong's fight with six jumps.


Kiwoom's native ace, Won-tae Choi, held a hot show.

SK hitters, who had six home runs in both games, blocked sharp hits with four hits and scored four runs.

Home run king Kiwoom Byeong-ho raised his sense of game by picking two walks after hitting one and two doubles.


Samsung has won three consecutive wins due to foreign pitchers.

The new foreign pitcher Buchanan scored 4 innings, and Lively, who re-signed with a good position in the second half of last year, scored 3 innings, raising expectations.

Jang Si-hwan, who transferred from Lotte to Hanwha, also had a five-inning goalless score.

(Video editing: Woo Gi-jung)