Data map: Olympic elements can be seen everywhere on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

  China News Service Client, Beijing, April 24 (Li He) For the Olympic Games and the entire sports world, the spring of 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. The domino effect of the announcement of the Tokyo Olympics postponement is expanding.

  However, on the eve of the decision officer ’s announcement of the “full moon”, the International Olympic Committee and Japan disagreed on the question of “who will bear the additional costs brought about by the postponement of the Olympic Games”. The friction between the two parties will show the biggest problem after the delay-a sharp increase in financial pressure, to the public.

  However, I am afraid that it is not only Japan and the International Olympic Committee who are feeling the pressure. In the blink of an eye, it has been a month since the decision was postponed. The entire international sports organization system has been pushed onto the gradually extending "seismic zone."

  The large amount of extra spending has brought pressure on Japan and the International Olympic Committee, even bystanders. In the case where it is not clear how the extra money will be allocated, even if the impact of this part of the expenditure is set aside, the economic chain of the international sports system caused by the delay of the Olympic cycle alone has already affected many sports organizations. .

  At the same time as the epidemic spread, many competitions including the European Cup and the America's Cup were forced to be postponed. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021 has caused many international sports individual management organizations to rewrite the original calendar to make way for the Tokyo Olympics.

On the evening of March 17th, Beijing time, the UEFA website issued a notice announcing that the 2020 European Cup will be postponed for one year. Image source: Screenshot of the UEFA website

  The Fukuoka Swimming World Championship originally planned to be held in 2021 was postponed to 2022, and some projects may be adjusted to Tokyo. This shows the pressure caused by the change of schedule. In 2021, the Eugene Track and Field World Championships will also avoid Postponed for one year, the revised time became July 15-24, 2022.

  After the 2022 World Championships in Athletics, the Commonwealth Games and European Athletics Championships will be launched one after another, from July 27 to August 7 and August 21 to August 21, 2022.

  Even after the 2021 World University Games opened two days later, it was still almost back-to-back with the Tokyo Olympics. Such a crowded schedule is a test for athletes and organizers.

  In addition to the pressure of the schedule, the postponement of the schedule also disrupted the management selection plan of many international sports organizations, including the International Olympic Committee.

Data Map: Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

  The term of the current IOC President Bach will expire in 2021. According to the original plan, the new IOC President election will be held at the IOC plenary meeting in June 2021, and now the Olympic Games are postponed. The election plan may also be affected.

  Not only that, but the term of management of many international sports teams and the National Olympic Committee are also related to the Olympic cycle. When the Olympics are postponed, the selection cycle of personnel in these organizational systems may also face adjustments. How to introduce perfect follow-up countermeasures is another headache.

  Not only that, these delays mean that the revenue nodes of individual sports organizations and association plans have also moved back accordingly, which has caused many organizations to have tight capital chains in the present and in the future.

On the evening of March 30, local time, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee held a press conference in Tokyo, announcing that the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee jointly decided that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held in July 2021. Opening on 23rd and August 24th. The picture shows the restart of the Olympic countdown card on the streets of Tokyo.

  After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the World Badminton Federation issued a statement: The original plan for the World Badminton Championships scheduled for August 2021 will also be changed, and it is looking for suitable alternatives.

  If the 2021 World Badminton Championships were postponed or even cancelled, it was because the 2020 Olympic Games were suspended for one year. The next time you meet the audience again, you may have to wait until 2022. The two-year blank period is for the World Badminton Federation. There is no doubt that the pen is not a small loss.

  Andrew Ryan, the director general of the International Olympic Sports Federation Association of the Summer Olympic Games, once said in an interview with the media: "Some international sports associations have sufficient funds, but others rely on different business models, and their sources of income are Holding a competition, but now the competition has been postponed. If these sports do not have sufficient funds reserves, they will face cash flow difficulties in the future. "

Data Map: Olympic elements can be seen everywhere on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

  Another reason for the rapid tightening of the capital chain is that, in the event that its own events are restarted indefinitely and there is no way to "absorb gold", the postponement of the Olympic Games has also caused the International Single Sports Federation to delay for one year to obtain the Olympic Games of the International Olympic Committee. Dividend.

  Of all the Olympic Games income obtained by the International Olympic Committee, 10% will be used for its own development and management, and the remaining 90% will be allocated in various forms to support the development of the Olympic Games and sports. Therefore, after the past Olympic Games, the International Sports Federation can get a sum of money from the International Olympic Committee.

  The funding is determined by the ratings and the size of the sports. Many people such as track and field, swimming and gymnastics are expected to receive about 40 million US dollars; a few such as rugby, golf and modern pentathlon also have 7 million US dollars in prize money.

  For large-scale and market-oriented projects, this dividend is nothing, but in the context of the eventual delay in restarting the event, any capital injection will be sent out of the snow. As for small items, this dividend is a vital source of income during each Olympic cycle. Now, the funds can only be obtained after the Tokyo Olympics, which is "no later than the summer of 2021".

Data Map: On February 10, local time, Tokyo, Japan, Odaiba Waterfront Park showcases the Olympic rings to greet the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

  Not only that, but due to the delay of the Olympic Games, even if dividends are paid by then, it will "shrink" much more than originally planned.

  "At least 15 to 20 international individual sports organizations are very dependent on the Olympic Games dividends and other related Olympic revenues," said Beatty, president of the International Olympic Sports Federation of the Summer Olympics. "I don't know if they can last until 2021. "

  There is no doubt that in the case of tight funds and even difficulties in normal operation, the development of these individual organizations will also be dragged down and even take longer to restore their "vitality".

  What's more, karate, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing, and baseball and softball are the five new items added to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Without any dividends, they originally planned to expand and develop through the Tokyo Olympic Games. Can only be stranded temporarily.

  On the other level, the poor is thinking about change. The difficult situation brought about by the extension of the Tokyo Olympics may also prompt some individual sports federations to make up their minds to actively seek change and launch a new competition system.

Steve Denton, CEO of ITTF.

  "In the past, we may know that some areas need to be changed and adapted, but we have always been delayed because of other tasks that need to be prioritized. Now, the time has come." ITTF CEO Steve Denton in one Wrote in an open letter.

  As he said, ITTF has tried to launch a new competition system in this change affecting the world sports.

  He said that the current frequency of the World Table Tennis Championships is held once a year, and the ITTF is considering whether to keep only the World Team Championships in the future.

  As for why he considered canceling the individual events of the World Championships, he explained that in the future blueprint of the World Table Tennis Company (WTT), there will eventually be 3-4 “Slam” events each year, which will be equal to the individual World Championships , Even more than the latter.

  3 to 4 Grand Slams each year, plus the single World Championships, not only the front is stretched too long, but also the competition schedule and market operation will conflict. The cancellation of individual World Championships and the promotion of Grand Slam tournaments are intended to cover a larger audience. In this way, the ITTF tries to take this opportunity to brew an event system with more player exposure and a longer game timeline, providing a more open platform. "Through these events, we can better define the so-called single world champion."

Data picture: Xu Xin in the game Picture source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  The new system envisioned by ITTF is extremely beneficial to the creation of star players and the attraction of spectators. At the same time, it also means that they will have more "ticket windows" and more profit channels. It sounds that whether it is a rapid recovery after the end of the epidemic or a future commercial development, it is a "beauty".

  In short, it has been one month since the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics has been made. As the first time in the history of the 100-year Olympics, aftershocks continue, and the entire world sports system is experiencing resonance at this moment. (Finish)