Sports umbrella NOC * NSF has extended the cooperation with the Dutch Lottery by one year. The new agreement includes a "substantial increase" in the financial contribution, allowing an additional EUR 1 million to be invested in the special corona emergency fund for sport.

The Dutch Lottery has been an important financier of Dutch sport for some time. The current agreement is expected to expire in December, but has now been extended until the end of 2021.

"Now that the whole of the Netherlands and also sports are so badly affected by the virus and the consequences of the Cabinet's measures, it is very nice that we have partners who show solidarity and want to remain so," says NOC's general director Gerard Dielessen * NSF in a statement.

The new agreement is said to add EUR 1 million to the NOC * NSF emergency fund, which was recently created to help associations facing financial difficulties due to the corona crisis.

According to the calculations of the sports umbrella, Dutch sport risks missing out on some 950 million euros in income due to the corona crisis. NOC * NSF announced at the end of March that it would release 4 to 5 million euros for the emergency fund.

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