Horse Racing "Sakuraka Award" 2nd most popular Deering Tact wins April 12th 19:36

The 80th Sakuraka Award, the first classic race after horse racing, took place at the Hanshin Racecourse with no spectators, and the second most popular Deering Tact won.

Despite the spread of the new coronavirus, emergency declarations were issued in seven prefectures, but JRA = Japan Racing Association continues to hold races with no spectators.

The cherry blossom prize, which was the first classic race, was fought on a 1600 meter turf course at the Hanshin Racecourse in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, and 18 racers ran.

The second most popular deering tact, with Kohei Matsuyama taking the reins, was placed in the middle of the horse group from the beginning to the middle. After turning around the last corner, he showed a sharp chase and gradually climbed up the ranking, victory over the leading horse just before the goal. Matsuyama is the second winner of the GI race.

The second was the most popular Resistencia on which Taketoyo was riding, and the third was the ninth most popular Smile Kana.

The refund will be 420 yen for the ninth win. The frame series is 5-8 for 1040 yen. Maren is 9-17 for 1110 yen. The single horse is 9-17 for 1930 yen. The triple is 3-9-9-17 for 12,590 yen. The triple is 9-17-17 and costs 47,760 yen. As for the wide, the 9th-17th was 490 yen, the 3rd-9th was 2880 yen, and the 3rd-17th was 2480 yen.